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  1. I'm sitting in a server room watching Mr. Robot
  2. Agreed. IF John Bonham had lived, and IF Led Zeppelin went on to release another 10-15 lps and IF they kept touring endlessly throughout the decades right up until now and were about to head to South America for another tour extension, THEN today's kids would probably view them as simply more old geezers like the stones and make fun of their ages (falling down on stage etc etc as I read above) Instead, today's youth still sense the "magick" because they cannot see the old man behind the curtain.(Well maybe sometime next year perhaps) We live in a world where numbers mean more than most anything else which is why so many modern musicians, actors, limelight seekers are more interested in their twitter followers count and FB "likes" more than the substance of their actual work. Meanwhile their fans are more concerned with capturing the moment with a selfie than they are the moment itself.
  3. In 100 years from now Ruby Tuesday will waft softly throughout the elevator tube with gentle soothing sound waves and standing inside the elevator will be a kid wearing ear gel inserts jamming to Achilles Last Stand and reading about Page's most recent clone announcing possible tour dates in 2116 along with new music. Going up?
  4. Thanks :-) Came across the butcher image and had to go with it :-)
  5. Found some cool pencil icons and made this desktop with rocketdock heh
  6. I've watched Revolution a couple times. Didn't they play Kashmir or something? I also watch Mr. Robot and think something along one of those story lines will probably happen. Suzy Mom will be confused about who and where to share her powdered milk dinner photos with while hunkered down watching the sterno flame thinking about sad emoticons, but at least she'll be debt-free, heh.
  7. "She's got electric boobs and her mom does too" -Benny and the Jets
  8. What's also intriguing is Whitey Bulger was recently captured. Talk about timing heh. I read he is getting a private viewing of film. Trailer looks to be of Donnie Brasco quality gangster genre which is pretty cool. He'll be proud.
  9. I had a quad bypass about 8 years ago. Walked five miles yesterday and will again today :-) He will be in pain but I know he is also relieved. Did they give him a little heart pillow to hold onto?
  10. Jimmy Page is my favorite STYLE, but I imho the best guitarist I have ever seen was Roy Buchanan. That man was amazing. His version of Peter Gunn...gulp.
  11. "Sing loud for the sunshine, pray hard for the rain" <- Best lyric ever.
  12. redirtuo


    Agreed. Went into a vape shop in Hoboken, dude apologised that juice sampling in store not allowed by law. He could only sell it to me legally. 5 min ride under the river into NYC and it's a simple citation for possessing 25 grams or less of weed, but you can't buy it legally. Also I would think they don't even factor in that one can carry 25 grams of high end bud which might have 25 times higher THC content than 250 grams of some mexican brick crap which if caught with would probably send a guy to a cornbread and bean dinner for possession with intent to sell.
  13. redirtuo


    Hi apantherfrommd, I hear on lowering nic. I started at 24mg lol and now at 3 mg (but I am dripping so you know ..it hits :-) Still use 12 mg on mvp from time to time. Have you checked out virgin vapes? They have great flavors and offer sample packs. I think the old lady in the buick thought I was smoking some heroin-cracked-LSD-Cosby drug at the stoplight earlier today judging from the look on her face as I drove off.
  14. redirtuo


    Smoked cigs for 30+ years. You should try vaping. Cannabis e-liquid rocks :-)
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