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The nuclear industry


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is burning you and me for eternity

what the fuck you doing screwing us all

creating an earthly fall

weak whimpey space travellers who have lost all bone structure through space travel they will make it easy on themselves by introducing a water, soil, air bound cancerous growth

nuclear energy to throw us all to toast

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The nuclear industry creates radioactive waste, an extremely toxic carcenogean, which lasts millions of years polluting the air (radioactive dust and rain), the waters and the land negatively affecting every species on Earth. It is time to stop the insane psychopathic buisness of the nuclear industry today for the sake of your childrens childrens children and every living species on the planet. The nuclear industry is a white elephant that needs to be put down for the sake of the human race and all species of the Earth.

Please view this 10 minute documentary:


Please view this 8 minute documentary:


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