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Red Hot Chili Peppers to cover Led Zeppelin at the Super Bowl

slave to zep

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Thanks for posting that. I had not heard that this was a controversy at all, and I didn't notice they were not plugged in Sun. night as I was not really watching it closely - more like listening with some glances, as I was getting things done before the 2nd half began. Completely understandable so they wouldn't worry about sound malfunctions and I think people need to catch a clue - it is a SHOW! Not a concert. They were there to entertain. I thought it was a good show. I've seen better, I've seen worse. One other thing, based on that picture from the link 2bit posted - Anthony Keidis is not in need of wearing a shirt more than Iggy Pop at all.

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After watching Beyonce lip sync The Star Spangled Banner at President Obama's Innaguration Ceremony...

Absolutely nothing in the entertainment industry could surprise me.

RHCP are such a great band, especially live. They should have just ripped it out live.

Let the sound crew worry about it.

Not having their guitars plugged in was deliberate. They weren't trying to pull a fast one.

It was pretty obvious what was going on. Anthony was really singing.

They obviously did it for the mass exposure. Hopefully it won't hurt their crebility.

A questionable move. But, I still love the band.

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