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Absolute Radio's 'Bring It On Home' Led Zep documentary


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Led Zeppelin 'Bring It On Home'

Absolute Radio's 'Bring It On Home' documentary tells the story of Led Zeppelin & their roots in the Black Country rock scene, where Robert Plant & John Bonham learnt their trade.

In this 1st of 6 parts, we learn about some the iconic venues where Led Zeppelin started to make a name for themselves and about Robert Plant's blues influences.

Listen to Part 2 here: Led Zeppelin 'Bring It On Home - Part 2: Vinyl Revival
In this 2nd of 6 parts, we learn about the vinyl that influenced Robert Plant's incredible lyrics, and we learn about Plant & Bonham before they became part of the Zeppelin.

Listen to Part 3 here: Led Zeppelin 'Bring It On Home' - Part 3: The Chaos of Zeppelin
In this 3rd part of the 6 part documentary we learn about JB's Dudley, England's longest running rock club, and the chaos of Led Zeppelin on tour.

You can listen to parts 4, 5 and 6 on Sunday 4th October at 8pm on Absolute Radio.





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