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Truckin', Like The Do-Dah Man


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Yes! It's that time of year again. The holidays approacheth. It's over the river and through the wood to grandmother's house we go. While we have Over The Hills And Far Away playing on the dash. Your loved one beside you, and that smell from those kids in the back seat.

So whether you're making the long haul alone, or with your family...that "quest for fun". :lol:

This is a thread for those that have had to endure long trips in cars, or trucks to reach your destination.

I have driven over the road myself in these here States and beyond. Both in the car as well as those big rigs (18-wheelers). The best trip I made was from Snowy Wyoming through Colorado in a blizzard in June to The Sunny Sunshine State of Florida the next day in 80 degree weather.

Is anyone traveling long. What were your longest and best trips, or your worst disaster trips on the road?

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Worst road trip I remember as a kid was from Los Angeles to McAllen Texas in the Rio Grand Valley in the middle of summer in a '64 VW Bug with two adults a 8 year old and an infant.  I don't think the settlers crossing the great plains had a more uncomfortable journey than that. 

My favorite road trip is on US 395 from Los Angeles to Carson City / Lake Tahoe area in the springtime or fall.  Here are what some of the views are like:


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Hey!  We took a trip through Yosemite to Mono Lake/Bodie and down 395 to Manzanar and Death Valley two summers ago!  Did you stop at the hot springs just south of the airport?

I've been there many times. Back in the '70s hot creek was a place where we would go after skiing all day at the Mammoth Ski resort---- clothing was optional.  More recently they discourage swimming in the geothermal creek because it can be very dangerous as sometimes the temperatures can be quite scalding and dangerous.3794f9f6b61997a36af66f947efae0a7.jpg





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