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Is Page an only child?

Moddey Dhoo

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3 hours ago, GeorgeC said:

I'm reluctant to weigh in on this topic without any personal connections to the people involved, but I'm thinking:  Jimmy Page occasionally spoke of his parents and upbringing during the Zeppelin years and after.   I don't know when the parents were alleged to have split, but assuming Page Senior remarried no earlier than the mid-1960s (and Jimmy Page said he was still living at his parents' home during his session player days of 1962-65), Karen Page Errington would have been a young teenager in 1980 when Jimmy Page signed the tour sweater, and in her fifties today.  Certainly possible, although it's at least a twenty-year age gap between the half-siblings.  I also see on KPE's FB page the introduction, "Sister of James Patrick Page Led Zeppelin," which is an unusual way to identify yourself.  It could well be that the claimed family connection is legit, even with the celebrity factor (John Lennon's half-sister wrote her own book in 1988), but, like the Lori Mattix story that someone recently deconstructed here on the Forum, I'd like to have a bit more authentication before this gets widely accepted by the fan community.  Similarly, I keep hearing that JPJ was born John Richard Baldwin, even though I'm pretty sure he once told an interviewer (Steve Sauer?) that was originally just John Baldwin, and that it's not an uncommon thing to have no middle name.  This is all extreme trivia, but still...  

I hear what you're saying, George. In Barney Hoskyn's book, Jimmy is quoted confirming his parent's divorced. Apparently Jimmy's father remarried, consequently Jimmy has a half-sister named Karen Page Errington. The personal photos I have of Karen and her brother (name withheld here) relaxing in a home with Jimmy and, separately, his father seem to date circa '76-'78. It is also known for certain Jimmy resided with both his parents at 34 Miles Road in Epsom until he moved into the boathouse in Pangbourne circa '66-'68. There could be a marriage certificate on file or perhaps it was a common law marriage, and there should be a birth certificate on file for Karen. I may have to track these down if no one else does, or already has done.

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On 1/14/2016 at 6:55 PM, SteveAJones said:

In Barney Hoskyns' book Jimmy is quoted confirming his parents' divorced. Jimmy's father remarried, consequently Jimmy has a half-sister named Karen Page Errington. If you go to Scarlet Page's Photography page on Facebook (Go to Photos, then 2012, 2nd photo from the left), there is a photograph where Ms Page Errington comments on one of Scarlet's photos. On KPE's own Facebook page, in 2013 she displayed a photograph of her late father - James Page. Condolence posts and her comment of 6 July 2013 established she and Jimmy Page are half-brother and sister. I have some additional photos KPE has shared but I'm not sharing them on any public forums. If memory serves correct, she also has a step-brother named Darren Roberts.

Karen, daren and Paul are all step siblings through marriage. Although jimmy lost contact since jimmy page senior passed away. 

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