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  1. It sounds like whatever live release that was being planned won't happen this year. Very sad. I dont agree with Mr Page that only things that havent been bootlegged are worthy of release for two reasons, first not everyone collects the bootlegs and second any tape that would be in his possession should be of much better quality.
  2. Does anyone else think that it's possible that the Stairway To Heaven lawsuit might be holding up a 50th Anniversary live release or releases?
  3. It would be great to hear all 10 of the demos but they haven't leaked out by now they probably never will.
  4. I too consider 2019 to be the true 50th anniversary and it should have kicked off with the release date for Led Zeppelin I. Let's be honest though, we are at least 3 months into 2019 and don't have anything major to show for it. It's been radio silence so far with no announcements, let alone new releases. They have live stuff that they could put out, where's Earl's Court (best of the nights to make a full set list or boxed set of all nights), where's Knebworth, where's a release from the Japan multitracks, how about a blu-ray HD release of the 1970 Royal Albert Hall from the original film 16mm negative, That isn't even touching on any of the multitrack tapes that Jimmy probably has that we don't even know about. They don't owe me anything and I don't want to sound like an ungrateful fan but they started the 50th Anniversary hype-train in motion and got me on board, now I just want to go somewhere.
  5. It's amazing that something this basic is still a bit of a mystery. If this were The Beatles we were talking about we'd not only know for sure who the back up singer was but what brand of toothpaste they had used that morning.
  6. I would love to hear the 4-5 unreleased tracks and see a documentary made up of the extensive video footage shot by David Coverdale. This is by far my favorite post-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page project and that includes the two albums that he did with Robert Plant. This album gets revisited often at my house. Day one purchase.
  7. That slipped my memory. I'll have to give it a spin.
  8. It's a gentle sounding voice that sounds similar to the voice on Jimmy Page's single "She Just Satisfies." I've heard Robert Plant say that John Bonham had a good singing voice but I don't know if I've ever heard it. I also don't think its John Paul Johns because it doesn't sound similar to his singing on the Thunder Thief album. So I'm voting Mr. Page.
  9. From what I've heard they were a shadow of their former selves on the 1980 European tour and from the sound of it the audience knew it. Page's guitar tone and playing aren't what they should have been, Plant is going through the motions with little real passion, Bonzo isn't Bonzo, and Jones is trying so hard just to hold everything together. Even if Bonham hadn't passed away I think that Zeppelin was close to the end and Robert was ready to walk away from the band. After the American tour he probably would have quit. Maybe they would have gotten back together a few years later but we'll never know.
  10. Maybe Peter Grant objected to them being filmed and recorded at Woodstock. It wouldn't surprise me considering how rarely they appeared in front of film or video cameras.
  11. It could certainly be next Christmas for a live release. We all saw how long the 02 live release took. It's not like any of them are hurting for money but that would be so disappointing.
  12. When they are coming up with a marketing strategy they probably don't think of hard core fans that much because they know we will buy it whenever it is released. The majority of sales aren't to hard core fans though it's about casual fans. They would be crazy to announce in November or December and release in January, just missing the Christmas buying frenzy. Now it is possible that they announce in January for a March release. I'm not a marketing expert but those are my thoughts.
  13. On a philosophical level I agree that the release date for the first album is the most natural date but why in the world would they intentionally miss the Christmas buying season? I can't see that happening. I expect a late October or early November announcement.
  14. Led Zeppelin, and it's members have given us all some truly awe inspiring music. In addition to their music they helped re-introduce many of us Americans to our own much neglected American Blues past. Because of them I am aware of and enjoy the music of Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Buddy Guy, etc. etc. They inspired a dorky white kid from a small town to dig deep into the blues of the past. Music which most likely wouldn't have been on my radar if it wasn't for them exposing me to it. In an all too brief 12 year history (10 years if we are only talking about studio recordings) they left a legacy that will endure for eternity. The only other band that has that kind of major impact that continues to this day in the same or shorter recording career is The Beatles. They owe us absolutely nothing at this point. Anything that we receive from them is a gift even if we have to pay money for it. If anything we owe them our continued respect and support for any artistic choices that they make. It's their choice if they want to record music that is Zeppelin-like, completely unrelated to Led Zeppelin, or nothing at all. They don't work for us. These guys are all in their 70's and have earned the right to enjoy the rest of their lives as they see fit without worrying about our expectation or desires.
  15. Yes, that is exactly the point I was making. Half of Physical Graffiti is mini-Coda in it's own way.
  16. True, but the point that I am making is that songs that were recorded with the intention of including them on a different album shouldn't be disqualified.
  17. It may not be a real album, but it is certainly a collection of songs. The songs on Coda, with the exception of I Can't Quit You Baby" can't be found anywhere else on the official releases so they should certainly be included. If not you'll have to throw out half or Physical Graffiti because those songs were unreleased until included on that album.
  18. So if the 50th Anniversary doesn't truly begin until September does that mean it will continue into 2019? In theory the anniversary year would begin in September of 2018 and run until August of 2019. Maybe that's why announcements are so slow
  19. Mick Wall is the only source that talks about Peter Grant using tapes of a live performance to get the deal done. All of the other authors that I've read say it was tapes of the first album. I would bet money that Jimmy recorded the first rehearsal, after all he recorded himself and Clapton jamming at his house. The big questions are: 1. Does the tape still exist? 2. What is the condition of the tape? 3. Is the recording quality high enough where a release is realistic? I would have thought that the bonus disc of Led Zeppelin I would have been the natural place for it to be released. Since it wasn't that might hint that it isn't available, the quality is extremely poor, it's crumbled to dust, or it never existed. I hope that I'm proven wrong because it would be one of the most historically important audio recordings in history.
  20. Any recordings would certainly be under lock and key but they could slip out. Never give up hope, just look at what happened to the 02 final rehearsal.
  21. Add me to the camp of people that like the mix/mastering of Presence. Most Zeppelin albums have a darker more mysterious vibe, this one is the exception. It's very detailed and has much less tape hiss than most of the other albums. In many ways it is the most modern sounding of their albums. The higher level of hiss on the other albums is probably a result of the technological limitations of the time or a limitation of the studios/facilities that they used. For example, every overdub meant an additional layer of tape hiss.
  22. I think Coverdale/Page is Jimmy's best Post-Zeppelin work. He's in full rockstar mode and sounds like he is having tons of fun. Coverdale's voice is great, the lyrics are what they are (nothing special), and I don't let the fact that Coverdale seems full of himself in interviews ruin the album. A two-CD re-release with demo's and the three unrealeased songs is long overdue. David Coverdale has mentioned it in interviews and I hope that it happens. If they got back together and put out another album or toured the US I'd be there in a heartbeat. Sadly, I think that Jimmy Page is unofficially semi-retired. Coverdale/Page kills The Firm which sounds flat, uninspired, and uninteresting. It's Jimmy Page taking a back seat to a far less talented musician and playing in 2nd gear the whole time. Outrider is good, but not great. There's a spark of inspiration there but it never blossoms into a full flame. If I'm being honest I think Coverdale/Page even beats out "Walking into Clarksdale." Did someone banned Jimmy Page from playing guitar solos on that album?
  23. Isn't it possible that a smaller concert wouldn't have printed posters or that no one would have saved the posters? As for tickets maybe they were a generic ticket that didn't list the band name or date so no one saved them. If the school had a news paper maybe there were ads for the show or a review after the fact.
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