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Funny question, SRTS concert footage, where are they now?

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I was thinking about how many times I have seen this movie as I own it, though haven't seen it in years.  


Anyways, anyone know of a site or public disclosure, "hey that was me?!"

Who or where are the two dudes who security allowed back stage?  "Alotta fun alotta fun?"

How about the cop who said somewhat tersely, "no comment"?

Or the stadium crew guy who was called "a silly c___" by Peter Grant?

The guy sticking his tongue out to the camera in an evil pose?  The girl smiling when Plant wailed in Since I've Been Loving You?  The cop during the same song who looks at Plant probably wondering why this screaming banshee is so popular with the ladies? 

The overly medicated long haired guy who was chased during Dazed in Confused?  The people involved in the stolen money from the safety deposit box?  The poor media guy who was chastised by Peter Grant during the public reporting (what newspaper do you work for?)?

Just so many funny little incidents and people I recall from the movie and it would be funny to hear from one of them in the internet age, even if the stories were just second hand.  Hell, some of them could be members on this site.


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It's been discussed before. The search function may yield specifics. One thing I will say (again) is the man Peter berates backstage is believed to be a man named Denny who went on to become a fairly high level executive with the concession company he worked for. Again, just search and you will find.

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7 hours ago, Mook said:

Is it not Maureen Plant who smiles as Plant is singing Since I've Been Loving You?

For some reason I always assumed it was.

Yeah I had heard it was her but was pretty sure it wasn't.  In fact, if my memory serves correct someone who appears to be her bf looks at her and says something and she smiles just as Robert hits a high note.  One of those "far out" expressions.


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