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  1. Canadianzepper

    Had my eyes closed listening to The Rain Song...

    All of their albums are unique from one another, but HoTH might be the most unique for them musically. It's the one album where if you just heard the instrumentals, and didn't know; you couldn't say for sure it was Jimmy Page. I don't know how to explain it, maybe he used different gear for that album but it's entirely progressive, upscale constructions, with insanely tight timing even by their standards. No blues rock at all on that album, it almost sounds anti-rock, if that were possible. PG is my favourite album, but HoTH really to me showed how broad their talents, creativity and influences were. Of all the stand alone albums they made, it might be it's own genre.
  2. ..., just heading off to sleep. This band Led Zeppelin, they are pretty good.
  3. Canadianzepper

    The Best blues song ever made by Zeppelin.

    If you want to consider When the Levee Breaks blues (I think only the lyrics were borrowed, the music and arrangement are drastically different, even non-comparable), than this is your winner in my opinion.
  4. Canadianzepper

    How old will you be for Zeppelins 100th anniversary

    Damn I never thought of this, you've given me some motivation to eat healthier and try to survive to that age so I can enjoy the celebrations!
  5. Canadianzepper

    Wow! It finally happened!!!

    Get back to us when they play No Quarter, Tea for One or really anything from Presence, or gasp CODA! Then you know you are dealing with a station that takes their Zeppelin seriously.
  6. I think Eddie Van Halen was mesmerized by this solo too, (or Jack White, I forget now). It is said to have influenced his tapping style and the song Eruption).
  7. Summer is here, and I reminisce today about one of those "moments". So many songs obviously followed over time but that moment for me came when listening to Going to California. Which is why I am quite happy that there is an instrumental on the remastered as I really appreciated it all over again as I did when I first heard it, in many ways I enjoy it more. Allows me to just hear Jimmy and JPJ put it together for 3 and a half minutes. Anyways, something about the way the song melded so perfectly, just an angelic harmony of sound. I felt the same way when I heard Little Wing for the first time, just a characteristic that one can't always put their finger on, but when you hear it you just shake your head and say "its just beyond what I could even fathom anyone else constructing. Pure genius". Just twists and turns but always making sense and never losing the overall feel of the song. Perfection. I've felt the same of other songs, and they each have that moment for me in some form, but Going to California was that initial moment when I knew Jimmy was from another planet. Any of you have that realization after hearing a particular song?
  8. Baby, aaaah, just give it to me give it to meeee. Sure doooes, sure does.! Oddly, he never liked that he said this during the song and begged for it to be removed from the edit. I actually thought the question was perfect in the context of the song, as arbitrary and random as the lyrics themselves.
  9. So most of us know how much he has voiced disdain for the song. Rather unfortunate in some cases, other cases, he is light hearted about it. Not uncommon for a musician to years later look back at a song from a different perspective, especially a song that really became bigger than the band itself, as far fetched as that sounds considering their success. Really the song has become so massive that even fans of Zeppelin began to dislike it, and/or those who were old enough recall it being played far too often and ending their school dances. Maybe it's thing long shadow that bothers Plant so much when he knows there is so much more to offer within Zeppelin and even with his post-zeppelin material. Over the years, Plant has gone from admiration for his lyrics, to defensive about people abusing his lyrics, to outright overt unhappiness with he song itself. During the Kennedy Awards in 2012 he showed a rarely seen bit of emotion during Hearts epic cover of the song, which probably had more to do with seeing Jason on the skins and the open celebration of Bonzo from the choir. Regardless, where is he today on his opinion of this song? A song which he has played far too many times and has answered almost as many questions about as he had "do you think you guys will get back together"? I suppose it depends on the day of the week, but it would be nice to see Plant find some permanent and hopefully positive closure with this song. As I have hit mid aged myself, I find myself really appreciating the magnitude of this song. If a self proclaimed superfan can come to terms with this, hopefully one of it's creators can. It will be remembered long after any of us are around, and perhaps unfairly, it will remain in a category of it's own at the expense of other great songs. At the same time, it will draw many generations to the bands broad catalogue of masterpieces. Anyone?
  10. Canadianzepper

    Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    No judgement on my part, just a point I always remember, that of all the quotes I have heard probably describes Zeppelin the most accurately, it was by Prince of all people and he suggested to the effect, I paraphrase, "look at Led Zeppelin, every song of theirs made you feel different." That's not just good music, that great musicianship and it's keenly true of the band and a song like Tea For One. So, back to my roundabout defense of Tea For One, a song I didn't particularly like either (or that entire album truth be told); it's a song you have to almost feel depressed to listen to. Maybe not that far gone, but, you have to almost act out the lyrics, lie on the bed looking at a clock in the hotel room and wish you were 1000 miles away back with the ones you love. Pages work on the song is great too, a top 5 solo in my opinion. Anyways, maybe that does something for how you see it, maybe not. Many people like Hot Dog for instance, and I've never liked the song, though I might sing it if drunk and wanted to present a parody of some hillbilly ho-down somewhere. I'm sure many don't view it that way, but I always have. As you said, to each their own. Per the thread, when I first listened to LZ I actually enjoyed this album a great deal, liked their "newer" stuff, as time went on I realized I was wrong about the guitar.
  11. Canadianzepper

    Who wrote the solo/break in Kashmir from 3:25-4:15

    A good point, though I would argue that the musical ambition and creative energy is usually reserved for those in their prime. Few bands match that as time goes on for any number of reasons, mainly I presume, that hunger of being "in the moment, competing for the hearts and minds of relevant listeners and peers" and, sheer desire to produce something remarkable as an artist. Even age itself kicks a man to the curb and lowers his swagger. I can't imagine how it must have felt being in your 30's and your greatest creations almost impossible to match again. Even with Bonzo at the helm, I think it was understandable that they probably weren't going to create another Zeppelin IV or PG. It's just extremely difficult, and noone took the breakup harder than Page I imagine. So now the band goes their separate ways, and are always identified as that member of Led Zeppelin. Who could achieve a repeat performance in another band that matched their heights and creativity? So, you could argue that JPJ never put out anything close to Led Zeppelins work either. Noone did or has in my opinion, they are in the league of their own, which is why we are on their forum. I like some of the post Zeppelin stuff, but they are mostly ballads. Wonderful One with Page and Plant, Take me for a Little While with Coverdale/Page, and a few interesting songs by Page in his solo career. I didn't really get into JPJs studio production work. As it were, none of these songs really matched closely their efforts with LZ.
  12. Canadianzepper

    Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    Another benefit concert in the works? Hehe, just had to put that out there. This is great news, the least Bonham should get, and it would keep their music in the hearts of the town for generations.
  13. Canadianzepper

    Who wrote the solo/break in Kashmir from 3:25-4:15

    Thread has gone off topic slightly, I will say I would love some interviewer to ask Page or Jones the truth about this particular stretch of possibly their most bombastic song, even as Stairways is their most iconic. Speaking of Stairways, in response to some of the discussion on the subject; I am sure I read somewhere that at least in regards to the flute that they are the real wood instruments in the song. Page felt that only the real instrument would suffice, he clearly had the foresight in regards to how important this song would be.
  14. Canadianzepper

    Who wrote the solo/break in Kashmir from 3:25-4:15

    Until I hear and see some information, I can't assume he was the writer of this particular part of the song. I also can't imagine that if he wrote much of this stuff in a song that all members agree was a high water mark AND, as is well known, he arranged the song, that he wouldn't receive writing credit. You are right in that he probably got screwed over a few times, and I believe that was one reason he was considering leaving the band to become a school teacher. Bands are very protective of information, especially in the 1970's. As an example, Page as a session player played guitar on many groups work without credit, some of this work required creative and artistic freedom. He would receive his pay for his time and that was that. No royalties or credit.