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Not a huge fan of the this live, but going to give this a listen.  Thanks.

The studio version is just brilliant.  You ever "reconnect" with a Zep tune after some time off?  This and The Epic (which should've been used on the official release)... recently, just can't get enough of either of these songs.

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I really dig where they were going with the song during the later gig's of the European tour. The intro was mutating and JPJ started to play a section of the original intro which I really liked. Jimmy was almost always "on" with this song however the Berlin version, Jimmy seems to be lagging behind and Bonzo, after a great intro, is rather sluggish on the beat in general. You can hear Bonzo throwing Page off. That Berlin show, man, what an exercise in contrasts. The show is almost 50% crap and 50% brilliant, just too weird. At least they ended their last show on a very high point with that blistering version of WLL, one of the best versions ever.

However those Copenhagen versions were stunning and Page's soloing on both night's was off the hook.

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I always loved the malevolent intro to this song when it was played live (especially the Knebworth 11th version when the camera cuts to Jimmy's face and he looks like an extra from The Walking Dead).

Another treat is hearing Page playing his blue strat live: bending chords with the whammy bar and conjuring up demonic sounds.

The one thing that never quite worked was the guitar sound blending with the synth. They never seemed to gel to form a powerful hole and sounded quite distinct.

Maybe a limitation of the technology and sounds available at that time.


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Thanks---this should be an interesting listen. I agree with those who say the studio version trumps any 79/80 live. But there are a couple I think are great, including Copenhagen 7/24. At the end of the day, I think "Evening" could have been one of THE classic Zeppelin tunes--- from writing and recording to live-- if Page and Bonham had been at the tops of their games instead of basically at the bottom.

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