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  1. Interesting stuff. The Who footage is a lot brighter and better quality than Zep at Seattle, and there is superior camera angles with full-shots of the band, etc. So if Pontiac has been recorded, it's a shame the tape was destroyed or is being horded by some rich quarterback 😉
  2. I agree. my contribution to the urban myth camp is that I spoke to someone reputable, who is very close to the Showco camp, that claimed to have seen a 30minute pro shot rehearsal from the 77 tour at a private party. Could be bull shit or true. Just like the rest.
  3. Why would Page only provide the Seattle footage - dark and average performance - to MTV for their 1990 special, and also for the Travelling Riverside Blues video, if better quality 77 footage existed. Why would Dave Lewis never mention in any of his books seeing pro footage other than EC, Knebworth and Seattle at the SwanSong offices. Likelihood is Page doesn’t have any more pro 77 footage. Private collectors are another matter. This would mean the footage had escaped from the clutches of Grant during the tour or had been recorded when it had been forbidden by Grant and horded for all these years.
  4. Okay, so nearly half way through the anniversary year and so far we've had the announcement of a book and a hint of new music from Jimmy. Checked Plant's tour itinerary and it's pretty constant but he has no gigs listed between Aug 2 and middle of September 14: Tipsport Arena PARDUBICE, CZECHIA Aug 1, 2018 Junge Garde DRESDEN, GERMANY Sep 15, 2018 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival So is this when we might see some activity? Is this why Plant's left it free or just coincidence?
  5. Yeah, I'll always go for a live version of Kashmir as opposed to the studio version as well. My goto is the Knebworth version on the DVD. I love the sheer power of it and the knowing look Page gives Plant at the start. It's like - "We're back". I also like the O2 version on the DVD as well. Gives me goosebumps when Plant summons that howl during the first bridge. Anyway, sorry, meandering off topic. As for NFBM. I do like it and the rhythm section is dynamite, but in terms of songwriting, it's quite derivative.
  6. At least Clapton and Beck still have their guitar technique.
  7. Great point. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Kashmir was the last great song the band wrote. People will argue Achilles, but that is a track that is really only known to hard core fans.
  8. Yes it is technically a Zep album, but people are referring to that fact that it was a contractual obligation and is full of odds and sods from the band's lifespan. If it wasn't for that obligation, the band would have never released it. If CODA hadn't been released, the unused Sweden tracks may well have surfaced on one of the box sets, a record store release or on the ITTOD companion disc.
  9. Always been fascinated with this wedding jam. Sam, how would you rate or describe the "performance"? I take it everyone was pretty sloshed but was there any moments of magic and was Jimmy in good form in it? Do you think it is something that Jason might put out there one day for the fans? Maybe at a Zep convention or such like?
  10. Says "From the creator of Death Wish". I wonder if Page was asked to do it and recommended JPJ?
  11. Would so love to be a fly on the wall at these get-togethers. Are they like formal business meetings, are they strained like when they get together for on-screen rare interviews, or are they relaxed and discuss Zep reissues over a casual meal? Would be fascinating to see the dynamics at play and the format.
  12. Not condoning crime, but I'm grateful the 80 TOE bootlegs were stolen. There's not a snowball's chance in Hell Page would have let them see the light of day, given some of his playing.
  13. I've got an idea for the 50th reunion press conference in September. Jason roars onto stage in the buggy with Jimmy in the passenger seat in full Dragon outfit, and Robert is standing on the roof bare chested, brandishing a Toys 'r' Us Thor's hammer. Jason then does a massive burnout and Jimmy leaps out and plays the guitar break in WLL to deafening applause. Where's Jonsey, you ask? He eventually shuffles onstage to "park the car" in his onion jacket.
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