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Bonzo's Birthday Party // Versions A, B, and C


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So I bought this title a bit blindly, not knowing what I was getting into. I love the fact that I have all these different versions but I am having a hard time finding info re all 3 audience versions that accompany the soundboard sampler.. 



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You can find all info regarding that issue here: http://www.bootledz.com/comparisons/7273.htm

Version A = Version 1 (eins) from the original box: first tape source base, second tape source to complete

Version B = Version 2 (zwei)  from the original box: second tape source

Version C = Version 3 (drei) from the original box: third tape source, first & second tape source to complete

Soundboard isn't as much as a sampler: it's all available/known soundboard from that night.

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