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Spotify makes the worst playlists

Sultan of Swing

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So I looked at a couple of spotify's made playlists and their drum mania and air guitar I feel incorrectly represent led zeppelin and a few other bands for example

Whole lotta love?!! on a drumming playlist, how about when the levee breaks or Kashmir?! even the immigrant song has better drums, and running down a dream is not that good with drumming too, that's just me.

Stairway!!!!!! what the solo doesn't come to the end of the song, who does air guitar on stairway. Immigrant song's okay I guess, but what about heartbreaker, communication breakdown, they don't do other band as big hits, why do Zeppelin's they have the best collection of small hits ever.

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The guitar one is decent but the drum one is a joke. I can see how it works though. Each song has a significant drum fill somewhere; WLL- right before the solo, Won't get fooled- after the solo, etc. But overall those aren't great drum tracks. Message In The Bottle is a great example of a drum song. Or Rush's Limelight.

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These playlists are jokes. Only took a glance, but Mississippi Queen in the drum playlist and not guitar? In what universe?


It's also basically impossible to choose one for each Bonz and Jimmy since they have two entirely different stages of their career: Young, Raw and Crazy, and matured musicianship.

Raw and Crazy for Bonz/Jim: HMMT and DAC

Matured Bonz/Jim: FITR and TYG.


While I'm here I may as well do the same thing for the other two.

Raw and Crazy for JPJ/RP: The Lemon Song and HMMT

Matured JPJ/RP: No Quarter and I'm Gonna Crawl



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