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  1. I consider this playlist to be the essential playlist of nonessential songs. Basically all the good ones The REAL Fab four forgot in their playlist, does anyone have any song suggestions I should add?
  2. Definitely, but if I could take two, I would probably add the Dark Side of the Moon, that album is just so well made. Also I would have to take a record player and the vinyl version of those albums as they are infinitely better than the CDs
  3. That's weird, because he is heavily Bohnam and Moon based. But I think Bohnam was responding to Peart's 2112 from 1976 in Prescence's Achilles Last Stand, which is heavily like Rush. If Rush had done a cover of Achilles last stand, it would have been their style and no one would have known it was a cover, especially Peart doing that triple-cymbal thing that Bohnam adopted during ALS.
  4. Same, Ringo is in my opinion, the reason the Beatles didn't break apart after Sgt. Pepper's. He has amazing beat, and if you watch him play in concert, his drumsticks move in a curving motion instead of the usual straight up and down as most drummers. And on most albums, his drumming was the only part of the song, besides the vocals, that was prominent and distinguishable. He is probably the most underappreciated Beatle and drummer ever
  5. hmm, a hard one 🤨 5,6,7 are all a tie, I don't like 2 or 4 because they are overplayed and the other songs on the other albums are better 1. Physical Graffiti 2. Led Zeppelin 1 3. Houses of the Holy 4. Prescence 5. Led Zeppelin 2 = Led Zeppelin 3 = Led Zeppelin 4 8.In through the out door
  6. In my time of dying Ten Years Gone Achilles last stand Night Flight How many more times Dazed and confused Nobody's fault but mine The lemon song when the levee breaks Trampled (live is so much better than studio, but still amazing song)
  7. love the screen name and song. A true Led Zeppelin fan, taking one for the band
  8. So just to get the record straight, did Jimmy Page play Kashmir in concert with a violin bow on his guitar, or was that just some rumour? And if it is true, can I get a picture 🤩
  9. WBIG 100.3 on Two-for Tuesdays will play a big Zep song (Immigrant song, stairway, heartbreaker) and then a REAL Zep song I've heard Tangerine, The Ocean, When the Levee Breaks, The Rover!!! Sometimes they will just play another biggie and that makes me furious. Also, just a side, I never knew Kashmir was big, and when I heard it on the radio I was surprised and I loved it, but now its always stuck in my head.
  10. Buddy, I'm a teenager and Led Zeppelin songs are like my language, I personally love Nobody's Fault but mine, and Night Flight, if you haven't heard those.
  11. I'm a drummer actually, so I love Bonzo and his work
  12. Actually, what got me into Zep was The Ocean and the album Houses of the Holy. The First album I got was Led Zep 1 and I thought, wow, this is trash and pretty much only listened to good times bad times and Comm breakdown. But then I got Zep 2 and I loved it, whole Lotta Love was my jam. and then I got Runes and I loved When the Levee Breaks. Now Zep 1 is my 2nd favorite, Zep 2 is one of the worst, Zep 4 is overplayed, and I still don't have Physical Graffiti on CD. I am only 15, tho
  13. Where is moon and Mitch? 2 of the best, but I would heve to agree with top 2
  14. I can respect that but I have to flame, Going to Cal is the 2nd best on Runes
  15. somewhat true that, Royal Orleans and Candy store rock are worse. also Fool in the rain is great and I love the Crunge for some reason. hats off the roy Harper, tho is definitely the worst
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