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Van Morrison Thread


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Thought I'd start off a general Van appreciation thread with a review of the concert I went to see on Friday night. Van played the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco and turned in a virtuosic 90 minute set.

Highlights included "Have I Told You Lately" recast as an upbeat ska number (I liked it better that way, I find the original a little syrupy), the obligatory "Moondance", "Bright Side of the Road" which found Van doing the last chorus in a Satchmo imitation as the lights bathed the stage in brilliant sunlight yellow, and the slow and gorgeous "Beautiful Vision", on which Van's daughter Shana Morrison added harmony.

Van sported a ten piece band that was one of the most talented groups that I have seen in many years of concert going. Never have I seen so many multi-instrumentalists in one band: there was a fiddle/mandolin player, a pedal steel/banjo player, and a trumpeter/rhythm guitarist who also happened to be one of the back up singers. (Not mention the stellar organ player and guitarist). This is much in the tradition of Van himself, who played acoustic guitar, harmonica, and of course the alto sax throughout the evening.

Casual fans are often unaware that Morrison is an excellent sax player, and listening to him play that evening really made clear to me how much his sax playing influences his vocal style. Unlike say, Percy, Van's voice was never about acrobatics; his voice is a tonal instrument. So unlike Robert, who has to constantly contend with past glories, Van sounds the same as he ever did. If you have a chance to catch him live, I highly recommend it.

An interesting side note- my folks and I decided to arrive a little early and eat dinner somewhere near the venue. We stumbled around in the rain and decided to eat at the Fairmont hotel, which was the closest place. Once we'd been seated we quickly noticed Van himself, about four tables away, enjoying a private dinner with Shana. (We weren't sure it was her, but confirmed it when she came on as the opening act.) We didn't disturb them by approaching or anything, but it was nice to see them doing regular daddy-daughter stuff.

All in all, a memorable evening. :)

Who else likes Van the Man?

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I have Astral Weeks on vinyl, My first wife was pregnant with our 1st child and was overdue, I remember putting on something that I new she would think oh god let me slit my wrists. I put Astral weeks on and it got her like annoyed, she went into labour that night :) It worked !! <_<

I lke some of his stuff though and of course the 2 tracks Page played on with Vans band Them !!

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Hahaha....very funny leddy !! Quite the twist. :D

I saw Van in the summer of 1990 at Great Woods outside of Boston, with an Irish Ensemble...enjoyed it very much.

I never realized how short he was till I saw him in person . :lol: Loved him with THEM as well, and have his THEM compilation, Moondance and Tupelo Honey. Oh and he does a tune or two on the Last Waltz dvd that I just wath again the other night.

And it stoned me to my soul, just like a jellyroll .....

:) I have a Them Compilation too, just for the Page tracks. Baby Please Dont Go is a catchy songand like it alot !!

Yes my story, She coudn't stand Van the Man lol !!!

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