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Hi guys


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Hi there! I'm sorry if uou consider this a spam, but I'm new here and somehow I didn't get to know any LedZep fans :(

So I came here wondering if I can't find some ibff that shares my newest passion 🙂

Something about me and LedZep:

-My favourite songs are Immigrant Song (total obsession), Tangerine and Achilles but also Heartbreaker, Stairway and Dazed duh I can't choose

-yeah I'm boring my fav album is untitled but PRESENCE IS UNDERRATED 

-my favourite member it's Jimmy 😍 he's also my crush, I absolutely love him bcoz of his godly talent, cuteness and kindness he radiates plus his occultism is hot af

-I love them since end of the august

-I got to love them because of Spiderman FFH and hippie music, god it was so strange 😂

So if there's anyone friendly, don't hesitate :)

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Hi, Nice to meat another zephead and its only spam if you're trying to sell us something.   

  I am also obsessed with Zeppelin, I listen to live stuff 24/7, I also listen to other m=types of music too but it's 98% zeppelin all the time.  Been this way since 1981.  Saw my first bootlegs in 82 but the guy wouldn't play them, He had The Best Of Zeppelin and For Badge Holders Only. I was sick for weeks after just thinking about what I was missing. I had to wait two more years before I finally got my own boots and I've been hooked ever since.



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Hi! I'm fairly new here. Achilles is probably my favourite. Nice to see someone else that loves that one too. Been a big fan for a number of years. I'd say my fav album is probably either Houses of the Holy or Led Zep 4, though 2 of my favourite songs are on presence (Achilles & Tea for One).

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Welcome, Peg!

Don't know how much of the band you've seen yet, but set aside 2.5 hrs for The Song Remains the Same film. Plenty of Jimmy to feast your eyes on. The Royal Albert Hall 1970 concert featured on the LedZep dvd as well as the Earls Court 1975 footage for Stairway and Knebworth 79 for Achilles.

As for audio recordings I've been listening to alot of 1970 lately. Immigrant/Heartbreaker/Dazed were the first three tracks from June forward that year. May be right up your alley. Google around, you're bound to find some great shows from the summer North American tour in particular.


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