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  1. the best one PERIOD is Going To California When The Levee Breaks. It completely typifies the light and Heavy aspect of Led Zeppelin's music.
  2. Hmm there is a bit of the snare flurrish missing there, It sounds like an abbreviated run like they cut off the first bit and kept the rest and there is no sign of it on the alternate. Good ear, stuff like that isn't easy to hear unless you are truly anal about what you are hearing and I'm not trying to insult.
  3. I'm on the East coast and vinyl was dead by the mid 90's, when I said Zep in the bargain bin I meant cds. Sorry I wasn't more clear.
  4. I don't think this is true. Someday AI will be able to analyze each and every note played and then with parameters set for the way Zep set up their equipment combined with specs of venue will recreate the overall sound of the concert like a reproduction. All distortions will be gone because the computer is virtually RE-playing the concert and with future holographic technology we could even see the Bath concert almost as if it was real. AI will use all know footage and recreate the video as well. It could be pretty good if it ever happens.
  5. The Bargain bin has been around for a long time and although it's sad to say I started seeing Zep albums in the bin at Walmart as far back as 1995
  6. Page is in perfect form for ITTOD. He plays exactly what he needs to play an no more. The solo for I'm Gonna Crawl is pure genius. I always wondered why it seems to be a problem for people that he decided to allow the rest of the band to have a larger role for that album? Presence is almost all Jimmy, sure the whole band is on display but Jimmy's presence on the album is the main focus. The only natural conclusion is for Jimmy to allow the band some latitude and do an album where he isn't the main focus. I see it as the other side of the coin and part of the natural progression of the band.
  7. Because the internet and made for radio bands/media have ruined it for bands with music that makes you think about what you are hearing. If Either Album came out today both would be praised as avant garde ultra rock but the sales would probably be less than desirable because of long songs and deep lyrics that (once again) make you think and most people don't want to think hence the bargain bin.
  8. Bootleg it!!! I want to hear you Live!!!!!!! I don't live anywhere near NC
  9. I really want to hear When The Levee Breaks from the soundboard. The AUD recordings are listenable and you really get a feel for just how huge Bonham's sound really was. To hear that from the SB is a grail for me.
  10. would love for all the early 75 shows to appear in soundboard , there is some great playing during those concerts
  11. Bill Ward is not a power drummer but he deserves to be reckoned with the likes of Bonham and others because he was an incredibly imaginative drummer. His beats are as important to Sabbaths music as Iommi's riffs.
  12. Perhaps RBG is experiencing a fiery, but otherwise peaceful afterlife.
  13. Everything you need to know about dem supporters. This woman is so caring and I know she has the deepest sympathies for the Ginsburg family.
  14. I agree with that 99%. Personally I don't think Bonham ever thought of Baker as an influence. He may have said nice things about Baker in interviews but that was John. As far as I know he wasn't one to disparage other musicians. John and Baker were contemporaries so I really don't think Bonham would be listening to Baker in the same way he listened to his true influences so there is no Baker in John's playing. Bonham = A true talent with the skillz to back it up but Humble, complimentary toward other musicians and generally a nice guy to know. Baker = Talented? yes but definitely overrated, A self important egotistical asshole who would never let you forget how great a drummer he was.
  15. No soundboard for this show as of yet (lets keep our fingers crossed that it does exist and will be released before we all die!) There are two recordings of this show both from the audience. One that sounds like it was recorded with a tape deck with an internal mic but still listenable and the more widely known source for the Boot Custard Pie which sounds (to my ears) like it was recorded on a good deck with external mics on two separate booms one for each channel. It's too bad that one of the channels cuts out quite often, not all the way out but enough to muss the sound. Had this not happened I say this would be one of the most atmospheric recordings of Zeppelin you could find. Dazed And Confused is worth listening alone. The only drawback for this show is that No Quarter wasn't performed. Just think how intense it could have been.
  16. That is ALL Woman right there and I mean Woman not women.
  17. I have been watching The bruins for 35 years and I don't need anyone's social justice lessons pushed on me through the sports I watch. I do not need to be scolded or told I am racist for not towing the line. Bottom line, they are being paid to play a sport to entertain me not lecture me about some bullshit problem that does not exist. Hockey is plenty diverse as are all the major sports and they all get paid a lot of money and live the height of the American dream. An ass like king james who is literally owned by china has absolutely nothing to say about the fake racial injustice that the left is creating and fostering. The data, the science, the numbers show a totally different story than the one the lefty news pushes on us daily. Imagine what your perception would be if you saw each and every news story about a death by police and every story about a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Do you remember seeing 150 stories about dead cops this year? no you don't. Do you remember seeing 450 stories about white people being killed by police this year? no you don't. All you remember are stories about blacks being killed by WHITE police. This isn't nazi germany where the germans wanted to purge all other races. This is America and Law Enforcement no matter the branch is made up of American citizens, black white latino asian and they are your Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Daughters, Sons and Neighbors. They are not a racist force sent out to kill blacks or illegal immigrants. If king james wants to tell his sons something maybe he should tell them not to resist arrest. So for now Hockey the only sport I watch can go suck eggs. If they drop this social justice bullshit then maybe I'll consider watching next year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_law_enforcement_officers_killed_in_the_line_of_duty_in_the_United_States https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/
  18. One of the things I like about Zeppelin is that the rehearsal tracks and basic ideas are almost always just as cool as the final version. The evolution of the track heard in all of it's stages is some of the most interesting listening possible. cool stuff!
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