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  1. If you really want to hear Stevens at his best listen to The Blacklight Syndrome. Stevens, Bozzio and Tony Levin on Bass. Amazing stuff.
  2. The Bruins had won 8 straight games. The odds of them winning 9 are very low. The odds of sweeping the blues are even lower. Even so, they had their chances to win, the score could have easily been 4 2 again after hitting the post twice. What happened last night was that the better team lost to an inferior team who had to play as desperate as they could to keep their season alive. You probably saw the Blues best game of the season period and they will have to keep that same intensity if they want to win over the best overall team in hockey. You thought the hit on Grezlcyk was clean? We all know that if you can see the players numbers you should pull back on the hit because you are likely to hurt a player in a vulnerable position and will most likely get a penalty even if the player isn't hurt on the ice. It's called Boarding! He probably won't get suspended but I'm sure player safety will want to have a talk. BTW Krugs hit was legal. It was the perfect thing to do being mauled by that hack Perron. Krug made a motion with his shoulders toward the puck glided into the hit and did not leave his feet until the collision happened. Clean hit.
  3. The Bruins or The Bruzins as my little cousin says outplayed em big time in the second and third. Go B's!!!!
  4. I can't take it, I want Hockey!!!!!!
  5. LOLO!!!
  6. what hockey team have you been watching? Bruins in 5
  7. I'm sorry but the use of Gloria as a theme song for a hockey team is the worst choice I could ever think of which is why I raised you a gun totin bitch!!LOLO
  8. IDK? Do you think Grant really forced him to go on or was it ultimately his choice?
  9. I never expect a singer to sound like the album but of all singers, I give plant a wide birth when it comes to his lack of vocal range. The man could have postponed a shitton of shows because he was sick in 73 and 75 but went on instead. Other singers would have canceled in a heartbeat. I appreciate that a lot. When I hear the first verses of WTLB from Chicago I cringe because he sounds like his throat is killing him.
  10. Looks like a matchup forty nine years in the making, Bruins Vs Blues! Go Bruins!!
  11. I see your Gloria and raise you mine! Death To The Blues for at least one more game LOL!!
  12. Nice win Blues, 2 more games for sure! The Bruins thank you for the rest
  13. I hope they tie also! the more games they play the better for the Bruins!!
  14. Bruins Headed for the Cup!!!!!! Caines just didn't have it, not deep enough to be where they were in other words, they were over their heads. They knew from the start of the game that it was over, you could see it in their eyes. Here's to the Blues Sharks going at least 6 and more overtimes!!!!
  15. Damn!!! the Blues Got screwed!!!! Definite hand pass! How do the refs sleep at night after allowing garbage like that to pass?
  16. Holy Moley!! Great game! Bs survived one hell of a first period and on the penalty kill no less. Caines played hard but let's face it if this were the old days it would have been 4 to 1. One remaining till we go to the Stanley Cup!!!!
  17. You called it, the Blues had a great game tonight, sharks almost tied it up a couple times but oh well. I wonder if Joe will have to play another season?
  18. They said it was a Hurricane comin to town, more like a sun shower!!
  19. they should have photoshopped plants and hand to be on the other side
  20. Dang!, Blues not looking so good in the first game!
  21. looks can be deceiving. It wasn't really that close, Bruins should be done with the Caines in 5 but If you want overconfident look no further than the Caines. Their offense isn't all that bad they have a couple really good guys but defensively they are lacking. Bruins have 4 solid lines who can put points on the board not too mention some of the best 2 way players in the league. I hope the blues sharks series goes seven with at least 4 double overtime games LOL!!
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