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It does seem that every time Zep have a major release they design a great website, publicise the hell out of it, and then leave it to it's own devices. I remember expecting loads from the site that was designed when DVD, HTWWW came out. If you'd have checked back 3 years later it looked exactly the same as it did in 2003.

However the upsides are that there's a great timeline feature now with online programmes, and also a great forum.

I suppose that's all we can ask for for now. I'm certainly not expecting any of the band to jump online and give a QnA, or make sure that any forum members get 1st refusal on any future tickets. It's a real shame but I think i've gotten used to it over the years.

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Why is there not more information (quotes, pictures, videos, etc.)on the reunion page of ledzeppelin.com?

probably because this site is about everything that is official Led Zeppelin material.

it's all about the band in and of themselves.

perhaps they didn't hire any official photographers or reporters to take pictures, get quotes, or shoot video. (except for the O2 dvd of course).

Led Zeppelin has always been different in those respects and the website reflects that.

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