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  1. Someone in Zeppelin said that if you pissed on it, the colors would change
  2. http://www.ledzeppelinplayedhere.com/ Documentary on the "show"
  3. They are still Led Zeppelin and will always be Led Zeppelin. That is what I heard.
  4. What will be needed is the complete tribute to Led Zeppelin at this event. CBS will cut and splice.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znELT_F3Y5c
  6. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57556688/obama-salutes-kennedy-center-honorees/
  7. The article is in the Sunday Arts section, on the front page is a drawing of the 3 surviving members from a recent photo along with the drawings of the other Kennedy Center honors for this year. The article itself is a two page, center section spread with photos. The Sunday Arts section is devoted to the honors. Richard Harrington was the long time WPost music reviewer. He appreciated Zeppelin. Read his review of the Atlantic 40th Anniversary show. The WPost, in the early days of Led Zeppelin, wrote what they saw, albeit from a jaded point of view. However, circa 73, that changed to more of "we do not understand it but the fans sure do and the band is loud". Read the reviews of the 72 show and 73 show in Baltimore, the 75 and 77 shows at Largo, the review of the Zeppelin DVD. Also Harrington wrote some pretty decent stuff about Page's Outrider album and tour in addition to the Unledded album and tour. In 1975, one of the WPost's music critic's, whatever that is, traveled with Zeppelin for a city or two to do a interview which is still pretty revealing to this day
  8. JFC!! The discussion will be around the Kennedy Center Honors and what a hoot it was and oh, by the way, are you guys getting back together to play? I would not be surprised to see Page, Plant and Jones doing a outro and/or a intro to a commercial break musically performing, what the song(s) would be, the imagination runs rampant with delight. This is it, ladies and gentleman, the swan song to 2012. Enjoy it for what it is, Zeppelin minus the Led.
  9. Will the next non playing reunion of all 4 members be this Sunday, December 2nd in Washington DC or Saturday, December 1st for the State Department dinner?
  10. I have a pdf copy of the review from the Washington Post but I do not know how to post it
  11. I don't know, could have been better editing, but, whatever, there it is, the song remains the same part 2
  12. kdh


    both concerts rocked in their own special way, it was Led Zeppelin, no two shows are a like, has anyone not been doing thier homework?
  13. Who cares? Good lord people, stop complaining and/or speculating about the christmas gift that Santa is giving you!
  14. 9pm show, E Street Cinema, Washington, DC Neil Young and Crazy Horse, November 30th, George Mason University, VA - possible Led member guest appearance?
  15. October 17th, 1980, jump to October 17th, 2012
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