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  1. Actually Jimmy has done "new" stuff. 1. the Death Wish 2 soundtrack re-release 2. the Lucifer Rising soundtrack I would say no the Robert Plant inquiry The touring question is debatable upon several categories, the first being why. The well is not dry These are new days for Senor Page, ahem, website material James Patrick Page has never taken a chance. His entire career has been carefully thought out and wisely constructed to benefit himself first, then others. There is nothing wrong with that. That is called good business. That is not debatable for him, it might be debatable for the fans.
  2. Just amazing what Mr. Page created in the 60's. Amazing, thank you.
  3. Was Zeppelin ever contacted to play the Ed Sullivan show, the Smother Brothers show, or any of the US television variety TV shows?
  4. I will be at my house for 10 days in the front end of October. At that time, lord willing, I shall set upon the tape

  5. the tape update - I did not have time to make the copy due to family matters. I will be back to my house later this month. At that time, all is lined up to make the copy. Be patient. Do not read anything into what happened other than life took over.

  6. i will let you know when I have the tape, then the process can start. thank you for replying. I will only reply to you, no one else inquiring about the tape.

  7. lets not get all worked up now. address?

  8. like i said before, I need a address

  9. do you not read what i type.

    Do not ask me to put it online myself. I do not have that equipment

  10. you guys are being stupid with me. I said that I will make a copy and mail it. period. I am not any of the other bullshit you are requesting

  11. I will get a copy made, don't worry about that.

    You give me a address. Like I said, I will mail it where ever. Do not ask me to put it online myself. I do not have that equipment

  12. I need to know how to get it online. And to make a copy

  13. For the Landover gigs in 1977, did the band fly in and then back to New York every night Where did the plane land at for the Landover 77 shows For the 75 show at Landover, where did the band stay What plane was used for the Landover 77 gigs
  14. love the "gotcha" moments you all are providing. So succient. It all fits with whom Jimmy Page is. Just look at the picture from July of 1979 in Melody Maker magazine with his zipper down, standing in the Swan Song office garden whatever it was. Don't you get it yet. It don't matter to you, it only matters to Jimmy Page. He knows where he played, what he played and what it meant to him, not to you. He has taken his website and turned it back all upon you, us, me. It is quite hilarious. Yes, I have provided some dates that were not listed and even a DVD. They were corrected within 24 hours. He is taking the piss out of it, or whatever the English phrase is. God, I love it.
  15. Drove down from DC to Richmond, parked the car, walked down the backstage ramp, had no tickets, my future wife(now seperated) on my arm, nodded to the security guard, started talking to a roadie wheeling in equipment and walked in with no ticket. Ended up all around the arena, loud, raucous, echoy, remember the encore was some mishmash of zeppelin and a cover song. Crazy, funny, epic, over the top, classic, oh what a night. Went to the Merriweather Post Pavillon show that same tour, was partying hard to the top of the covered pavillion when out came Phil Johnstone in his dress up impression of Jimmy Page. I loudly announced while looking through binouculars that Jimmy Page was on stage. The twenty or so people around me were fully excited that there was a reunion of sorts happening on stage. The rush of adreliane and unbelievablility was too much. I took another look and fuck me raw but it was Phil Johnstone in his Jimmy Page scarf, pants, acoustic guitar slung low for Black Country Woman. I told my future wife(same from the Richmond gig) that it was not Jimmy Page but a imposter. I then suggested that we slink off as not to be abused by those that called me out on my ruse. I still wonder to this day how many of those rockers around us claimed that Jimmy Page appeared at this show.
  16. http://roystonellisbeatpoet.blogspot.com/2009/04/royston-ellis-with-jimmy-page-late-1960.html
  17. Watched a documentary(History Detectives) on PBS last night about Theremin, the Russian scientist that the instrument is named after. They showed two still pictures of Page using the Thereimin and mentioned the rock band Led Zeppelin. They showed exactly how the Theremin produced sounds. Very interesting stuff.
  18. Ok. How many times did Led Zeppelin play in 2007. Once at the full house 02, once for a full dress rehearsal, anymore? Thanks
  19. It starts of with the words Led Zeppelin in a semi arc with the look that they used around the Knebworth shows with lights coming from behind the words, then into the performance of Hot Dog live at Knebworth, I am guessing the August 4th show, then it ends with a shot of the cover of the In Through The Out Door and the Swan Song logo in the bottom right hand corner. I remember reading that it was shown in record shops to promote the album. I do have the this video on VHS. I also previously posted that I had video of the Silverdome 77 show. I could not find that tape. I did find some other performances which I do not know where they are from. I need to get my lazy ass to make copies of these and pass them on to whom ever can decipher where they are from. Cheers!
  20. The Hot Dog promotional video. Why was it not included in the DVD? Was this not a actual pr video done by the band?
  21. I have a VHS tape of a audience shot film(8mm) from the Silverdome show. It is about 8 minutes long. Filmed from various parts of the floor. I acquired this VHS tape in the mid 80's at a mall rock memorabilia show. It is a silent film.
  22. front page of the Daily Break section of the Virginia Pilot (newspaper for the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and points north, south and west), home delivery printed edition, Saturday August 21st, upper right hand corner, a 3 inch long rectangle shot of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant goofing for a photo shoot, Page/Plant era. This is used as a advertisment at a local mall for a rock and roll art show http://hamptonroads.com/2010/07/rock-roll-art-show
  23. The Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland The Capital Centre (also briefly known as US Airways Arena and USAir Arena) was an indoor arena located in Mitchellville CDP,[1] unincorporated Prince George's County, Maryland; a suburb of Washington, D.C. Completed in 1973, the arena sat 18,756 for basketball and 18,130 for hockey. It was renamed for corporate sponsor US Airways in 1993, but reverted to its original name of Capital Centre after the airline dropped its naming rights. Most TV and Radio crews broadcasting from the venue referred to it by its nickname "Cap Centre". The venue's name is also sometimes misspelled as Capital Center, Capitol Center, Capitol Center Arena or Capital Center Arena. The venue closed in 1997 and was demolished in 2002. The Capital Centre was the first indoor arena to have a video replay screen on its center-hung scoreboard. The four-sided video screen was known as the "Telscreen" (or "Telescreen") and predated the DiamondVision video screen at Dodger Stadium by seven years. It was also the first arena to be built with luxury boxes and a computerized turnstile system. The Capital Centre was outfitted with a sophisticated in-house video system, technology not yet common in most 1970s-era arenas. As a result, a number of videos and concert recordings, many of them bootlegged, have been released over the years. Tour stops in 75 and 77. Urban myths still are bantered about.
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