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Led Zeppelin Will Tour!


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Hi! My name is Ron, and I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN (them and The Beatles are my favorite bands)!

I believe that THE ZEP WILL TOUR. I feel it will happen shortly after Robert Plant finishes up with that country gal (does anyone know if he's doing zeppelin songs with her? Battle Of Evermore maybe?)

I feel they'll do this , because they apparently did SO WELL in London, recently, and...

They sure loved to tour 'back in the day' (my dad saw them six times).

Think of the fun everyone (all-of-us) will have!!! They'll of course have fun too!!

Do YOU think, like I do, that they'll do a WORLD TOUR?

Do you all have your ticket buying strategies planned out?

Of course they'll sell out HUGE stadiums (unless they insist on keeping it smaller. OMG.)

Anyways, I'M planning on going (in Vancouver), and camping out to get seats.

I did it for Floyd, and saw them front-row-centre.... And I'll CERTAINLY do it for LED ZEPPELIN!!!


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If he wants to talk about it, let him! Freedom of bloody speech!

On my part I don't share that enthusiasm, I feel as though Jimmy, JPJ and Bonham junior are very keen on touring and bringing back the magic…I just feel like Robert doesn't and I respect that (though it saddens me).

Just to be sure though I signed with a local ticket seller for a spot- I'm 97 on the list, for the O2 gig only the first 20 people were picked…so I'm outta luck anyway.

If I could though, I'd camp as well.

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Cool. I don't think they'd do a 'lottery thing' for every city in their

(hypothetical) up-coming world-tour, however I now think they'd do

a certain number of tickets this way, as I've been notified recently by

Robert Plant's site about advance sales for his current tour.

They just did a great show, and they'd probably like a break from all

the hype and questions regarding a possible up-coming tour,

especially considering that Robert Plant's got other touring plans

for the next while.

After that, though.....


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