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How Many More Times ~from BBC Sessions Disc 1


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Does that song rock or what???

I love this particular rendition of HMMT.

Jimmy's solo is smoking hot, Bonzo's in a groove, and when Robert comes in at Oh Rosie, my girl... it just drips hot, molten, sex, then winds up again.

Oh yeah.

They call me the hunter. B)

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Its unbeliveable!!!

The whole concert is stunning!!!

A got a bootleg(one of my favourites), that also includes an incredible version of Dazed and confused

that was left out on BBC session as well as a great rendition of White Summer!!

The solo section in Dazed is my favourite ever, besides the 73 The song remains the same version!!

How many more times solo, as well as Plant's singing and the drum solo at the end are incredible!!

Plant introduces the band at the beginning, but that was cut out!!

Great concert and the crowd explodes at the end!!!

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