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Led Zeppelin: was it fantastic or mediocre?


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Readers review show

Led Zeppelin: was it

fantastic or mediocre?

Members of the Rock Group Quiet

Public opinion on the April 2 concert of

Led Zeppelin at the Civic Center remains

quiet varied. Some rock freaks feel the

show was fantastic while others thought

it was mediocre.

It is true that at times the group was

below par. but at other moments they

shined. Jimmy Page established himself

as one of rock's better guitarists, although

at times he made a number of

inexcusable mistakes as well as dragging

"White Summer" into the ground.

Vocalist Robert Plant, although not up

to par with his on record performances,

was still quite good as he and Page

traded licks.

Bassist John Paul Jones performed

heavy and steady throughout except

when he began "Whole Lotta Love" out

of key.

Drummer John Bonham was the

only member who performed better than

on record. His dynamic solo was the high

point of the evening without question.

Bonham is undoubtedly the driving force

behind the Zeppelin and possibly rock's

best percussionist, if not the best. Bonham

is the first drummer we've seen in

the past three years who did not copy

Ginger Baker, a feat for which he should

be given a Grammy Award.

If you forget the facts that the group

started late and quit early, performed

below par, extended each number to take

up time: that their balance was lousy

(especially on Page's guitar); that their

special effects were terrible—then we

can all feel it was the best rock concert

even given in Charleston. Particularly

since very few rock concerts are ever

given in Charleston except for heavy (?)

groups such as the Cufflinks and Grassroots.

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