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A few silly questions :D

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I have some questions, because I think you know it all- not like me, the newbie here! :)

1. I have read once, that Jimmy was playing a "bottleneck guitar" style or so- what does it mean?

2. I have also noticed, that he was using such metallic thing on the finger on the left hand while playing "In my time of dying". Ad the guitar has such an interesting wailing sound. Does this thing cause that sound?

3.I have also read somewhere, that Jimmy was a vegetarian at that time-is it true?

4. And the last question- I have noticed that Robert´s hair was so light brown, on the early pics and later it was quite light blonde- is it possible that he could bleach it a little bit- :D (I´m only curious)

Thanks very much for the answer and more stupid questions are coming soon :D :D :D

I simply love them and I want to know so much as possible... :blush:

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Yeah, he uses the bottleneck in In My Time Of Dying and some other songs with his Danelectro. Sliding is a very cool technique and quite easy with a open-tuned guitar, I love that too!

I didn't read that jimmy is a vegetarian, in fact is just read that he didn't like American Food, and was VERY thin in this time.

I don't think Robert bleached his hair, did you notice that Jimmy'S hair F.ex. is dark brown in some Photos. Colours change with the time, and now his hair is still blonde and silver and ist look very natural. :D

Hope I did help you

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