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  1. hallo du da,...lange nichts mehr geschrieben, hoffentlich ist alles okay mit dir. Leute fragten sich hier ab wie es mit dir geht, und ehrlich gesagt hatte ich keine Ahnung.

    Lass mal was hören, ich bin auch nicht ziemlich oft mehr hier aber es ist cool dich zu kennen. Viel gutes aus Holland.

  2. No problem! I hope you have a very special day!

  3. thank you for the gratulations :- )

  4. Happy Birthday Lucyinthesky!

  5. How close the gaining and love and the losing of friendship can happen...and how dillematic and hopeless situations can me...
  6. The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara ...what a book. It's on the top three list of Books That Changed My Life. I'm seriously impressed by Guevara. Hardly anyone knows more than this famous photo, and his thoughts and actions - in this young age...I haven't read enough to judge his later life - show in a way that he deserves to be the idol he is today. I can find many of my own hopes and worries in him. PLus the book is written poetic, funny, personal, and you always have the feeling to sit right behind Guevara on his motorcycle (poor Alberto Grenado...but with a friend like this he just I
  7. Being awoken by my mum and dad. Taking a shower. Putting radio or CD on. Dressing. Having breakfast in bed:- ) My little guilty pleasure Drinking coffee. A lot of it. Make-up and hair. Looking for the stuff I need for school and not finding it. Leaving the house in a hurry and hoping to meet my extraordinairily good-looking neighbor;- )
  8. No...one of the disadvantages of analog photography...but, hey, it's not that bad, I still got the memory. Another pet peeve: Next week in school I have three tests and one important latin exam!! WTF are these teachers thinking we can learn in one weekend's time?!
  9. huh...I just thought you were talking about me! Really...:- P Poor woman...but it is very nice that Julian Lennon cares for her! the song is so important, for world history - and for me.
  10. I've never seen this before...how beautiful! Congrats, Lucia!
  11. Hi Bill!! England was GREAT! London is amazing...(so bad that my photos are lost...)we saw all the famous Beatles and Led Zeppelin sights, and other famous things, and the city is marvellous, huge, gorgeous.
  12. Wow, your daughter is so cute!!! Great pics everyone!
  13. Sorry, that I have to ask...but who is that?
  14. which were imported from Atlantis
  15. My parents probably will allow me to travel with some friends in the summer holidays. With the Interrail ticket through Europe!!!! THey won't let me go down south to Balcan and Greek (I'd be too hot in summer anyway), but through the Balticum and Scandinavia! Good bye, boring holidays at the beach with only my family, welcome adventure, freedom, LIFE!!!
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