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A curious question for all Jimmy or Rob girls!


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Well, this is definitely a no boys thread- it's about damn time!!

(Hey, what's Evster 2012 doing here????? BE GONE YE AT ONCE! )

A close ex of mine could pass for Jimmy in his 30s, but that doesn't keep me from worshiping- er- listening to Jimmy's music.

My old man of 14 years has a kindered spirit with Robert b/c of the Lord of the Rings refferences in his lyrics. He also wets his pants whenever he sees Robert's sword fighting scenes in TSRTS. He's a John Paul fan, too. He can live without Jimmy. I can live w/o Robert. It's a nice balance of sorts.

Anything else about what happens when the lights go out and I'd be getting too personal....


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Pardon me ladies, if I may add a male perpective. It was my sweeties Jimmy passion that made me notice her. It's what brought together on the old forum. It's now been over two years since love was declared and we're as happy as ever.

And we have an agreement: She gets a Jimmy pass. I get a Jessica Alba pass. Meow! ;)

Anyway, carry on. :wave:

God almighty- can't you stay away from just ONE post, especially one for the ladies???


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We have a free pass for whichever actors/actresses/guitar players/singers we are most turned on by. Of course the odds that we'll meet those people much less have a fantasy come true are slim and none, so it's just fuel for the fire.

I think this post is great. This is what music does. It is emotional and powerful and that's why we have fantacies about rockstars. They don't even have to be good looking and we melt. It's crazy. I do have to say that my husband and I had the "arrangement" though. Mine was Steven Tyler (I know, not so many fans here) and his was Pamela Anderson. Well, I met ST about 5 years ago and came home with not only a couple kisses but he licked my face. The hubby wouldn't kiss me for a week and the first words he spoke to me was "DEAL IS OFF". I couldn't stop laughing. He wasn't amused.

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