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The new Gibson Les Paul Robot is sick!


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Jimmy has used a Performer in the past...this Robot is more reasonable for us common folks!!

From CNET/ When guitar maker Gibson USA announced it would launch its self-tuning Les Paul Studio electric, aka the Robot Guitar, on December 7, guitar players responded much like they did to a CNET News.com story published last year about a competing self-tuning system, The Performer, which has been available since 1998. Some players resist the idea of using a machine instead of their ear when tuning to a desired pitch. Some say they'd welcome the technology, if the price is right.

The retail price of the Robot Guitar is $2,499--not exactly at the low end for American-made Les Pauls, which start at about $1,555, but certainly not at the high end of a line whose special editions can top $10,000. The Performer costs $3,400, including installation, plus the cost of a compatible guitar (a Gibson Les Paul or Les Paul Special, a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster, or Les Paul or Fender replica guitars). The Performer, which requires extensive routing of the guitar body, must be installed by TransPerformance, the system's developer. The Robot Guitar system--called Powertune and developed by Tronical, based in Germany--can be installed by any authorized manufacturer or service center.

The limited edition Robot Guitar will be the only Les Paul featuring this Blue Silverburst finish. Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz says the company will offer the Tronical tuning system in other Gibson electrics beginning in late 2008.

$2500 vs. $5400...I'll take the Robot.....in a different color though!!!

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