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Hi there. I am a young guitarist looking to cover alot of zeppelin songs.. I was wondering if any1 would have any imput on what effects Jimmy used for his songs,...

if you know than plese... reply thank you!!!

you can send a video to my youtube account playing the song and describing the effects if you feel like it. my account is the same as my sn..


Zosofan11 B)

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That really depends on what songs, and whether you're going after the studio sound or the live sound. Basically, his live setup consisted of the Vox Wah and a short repeat delay. He occasionally used a phaser (Kashmir, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Sick Again, Ten Years Gone, etc.), and a second longer, single repeat delay. Keep your distortion minimal. Many guitarists use way too much for Zeppelin. Jimmy used a SolaSound Tonebender fuzz earlier on, but mostly it was pretty clean. Just pure amp volume. Now in the studio, he used virtually everything he could get his hands on.

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Evster has posted some very nice info about the various tuning's on differant songs. It sure sucks though having to keep changeng the tunings. You need to be able to afford multiple guitars. Yeah right! Like most of us can. In our dreams.

Um, I am using one guitar for our upcoming gig, and tuning it from E to E flat and to DADGAD on the fly for various songs. Yes, I have a few guitars, but I'm not a wealthy man. Selling them on ebay to pay my car insurance wasn't among any dreams I've had. I live in the real world too.

Anyone got the lottery numbers? :lol:

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I actualy have 2. a epi lp standerd(standard tuning) and a fender 67 american strat reissue(DADGAD for kashmir) and saving up for the epi double neck

unless you are playing out of a quality amplifier, you're better off not bothering with all those different guitars. having to tune 3 strings is not worth having to pay for and carry around another guitar.

just my bit of tone advice. maybe, get a phaser, a wah pedal, outside of those two, there are very few effects that you really need.

Speaking of the Page sound, I recently heard the best recreation of Page's TSRTS tone I think I've heard. I guess it really does have to do with those KT-88s in the power stage. Too bad they're expensive as hell.



(those clips are originally from the metroamps forum, those are the biggest bunch of marshall aficionados I think I've ever come across)

Absolutely amazing sounding.

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heres an idea... how about the vg strat?

That would fascillitate the use of tunings and the switching from electric to acoustic and such I suppose, but you'll still need the proper effects and such to replicate a Jimmy-type sound. The VG Strat isn't going to provide the fuzztone, room echo, etc that really bring the sound to life.

Plus it's damn expensive for a young guitarist without deep pockets.

What are you currently playing on/through?

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