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Paste Magazine Lists Some Favorite Record Stores


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Writer: Paste Staff

Feature, Issue 44, Published online on 19 Jun 2008

[Above: Jerry's Records, Pittsburgh]

People are no longer leaving their houses. They are content to wirelessly import digital music straight into nano-engineered storage devices implanted in their grey matter, and the digital revolution is killing brick-and-mortar retail. But, to paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the record store’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Just as people of faith need houses of worship in which to commune, music zealots are no less dependent on shrines dedicated to their own decibel-cranked passion. For that reason, Paste hereby celebrates the record store, bestowing superlatives on a few of America’s finest. May they live long and loud!

Click here to read the list.

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No digital downloads for me...I will never ever give up going to record

stores for my music.

Amoeba is a dangerous place. I always end up spending way too much

money there, as it is such and addictive place. Paste may be right...not

just best record store, but best store period.

Los Angeles Magazine has been running a goofy Best Thing About LA

contest, which started with 64 items and has now been voted down to

the final bracket: Amoeba vs. the weather.

The winner supposedly will be announced July 12.

I'm putting my money on Amoeba.

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I absolutely hate living in my small-ish city....the closest thing I ever had to a real record shop in my town was the tiny chain of Sunrise Records stores in a couple of malls around here....they've all been closed down for some time now, due to bigger places, such as Best Buy and HMV.

I went to HMV the other day, looking for the Jacksonville City Nights CD, and all they had in their Ryan Adams section was 1 lone copy of Easy Tiger.

When I asked the store clerk if they had anymore Ryan Adams CD's in the back, she thought I meant Bryan Adams. :blink:

After that, I didn't think it would be wise to attempt to ask if they had any Jeff Buckley in stock.

I need to move to Toronto.

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