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looking for a title... help me !


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hi guys, I really need your help...someone told me that the song I'm talking about is by led zeppelin so who better than you can answer...!!!

the song in question is:

The way you make your hair flip

And when we dance

I can feel just how your backbone slips

I wish I could possess every inch of just who you are tonight

And like a bird, you'd take off and fly

And I'd do anything just to get through

To the (unknowable) you. *I think he says unknowable here, but I am not


And we get so close

Its almost like touching the sun

Girl, we've got the jump on everyone

And when I think I've got you covered

And the world is on my side

That's when you begin to slide

And I'd love to know just where you hide

The unknowable you.

> Holdin' hands, skippin' stones

> Don't throw your flowers in the dirt

> Its always the best of friends

> That get the biggest hurt

can any good soul answer???? please this is really getting me crazy

I need your help

thank you

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Not Zeppelin, but seeing as you're here now, I would encourage you to listen to some Zeppelin - as you obviously aren't too familiar with them (not a put-down, just the truth).

Start with 'Mothership' - it's the 'best of' compilation.

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