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Album values?

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I work in a charity shop and we've had a couple of Zeppelin albums donated. I don't know how much we should be charging for them but I suspect they aren't just run-of-the-mill second hand records. If there's anybody out there who knows about these things, I'd appreciate any advice.

The albums are LZ2 and LZ4. They are both Canadian, with green and orange labels. The sleeves are pretty much in mint condition, and the vinyl has only light surface marks. There are no spindle marks on the labels.

The matrix numbers are:


SD 8236-S-1 1A 2HDK

ST-A-69 1672 xxx 1B 2D (xxx is where part of the matrix number has been crossed out)


ST-A-712285-1A (2-DOB)

SD 7208 2 1A (2-G)



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absolutely common records / issues

I bought dozen of LZ records - canadian pressings - for 1$ each ... so it's up to you

I guess that, depending on your client standards, it'll be a reasonable 5$ / 10$ (canadian dollars, of course)

sorry about that, but we're talking of millions millions copies sold ...

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Wow - interesting username for a Zeppelin novice. :D

Indeed! My Stormcock radar crowed when I saw that! :lol:

Oh, and Flav, link PM'd for a treasure trove of resources. If they can't tell you no one can! Cheers! :beer:

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