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Pseudonyms For Band/Bandmembers


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Um, you wrote "pseudonyms for band/bandmembers" in the title of the thread when perhaps you should have put "pseudonyms and nicknames." The "additionally" is buried in the message, but whatevs. Don't feel like splitting hairs/hares/heirs. :drunk:

It's ok, Blimpin Aint Easy lol...

Rolls>>> :wacko:

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I just heard this one off a bootleg. Robert Plant called Page 'The Wanking Dog' in Paris 69

The wanking dog lmao. Maybe we should start a wanking dog thread, we had the wanking cat.

Nahhhhh, yeeeeees, nahhhhh :blink::blink:

I added a pic of me, didnt turn out good buuut wtf.

Thanks Nickster :)

Rolls >>>> :wacko:

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