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I love this band: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentagram_(band)

Here are a few demos from the early 70s which eventually got released officially in 2001 on the compilation album First Daze Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Daze_He...age_Collection)

Forever My Queen -

When the Screams Come -

20 Buck Spin -

Be Forewarned - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcORVns5lJY


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Nice to see a thread dedicated to Pentagram!

Be Forwarned is one of my all-time favorite heavy/doom songs. There were also an earlier version recorded by the band, when they went under the name Macabre which is excellent.

That's the version I posted. I much prefer it the later version.

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Two bands that I'm really into right now them being Witchcraft and Graveyard really like Pentagram but I have never heard of them. I want to give them a listen as they influenced the mentioned bands. What would be a good album to start with?

You can't go wrong with the album I mentioned at the top of the thread, First Daze Here.

Or, you might want to try one of their 1980s studio albums. Relentless from 1985 is great, this is the title track:

Also, Day of reckoning from '87. This is an awesome track from it:

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Well when you think this band is down and out new life is given. Earlier this year guitarist Russ quit or got fired last minute replacement sucked consequently they only played a few songs with a long blues jam. Not something fans liked but now Victor Griffin is back with the band.

A review from another forum I post at:

H.H. Word

This was Pentagram's 1st billed show under that name with Victor Griffin on lead guitar since the 90's. Guess what? Incredible fucking show!! Awesome setlist with selections from 'Relentless' and 'Be Forewarned' such as "You're Lost, I'm Free", "Ask No More" and "Frustration", a tune Bobby said they had never played live before. So yeah, they have worked out a strong set that includes Victor's tunes as well as the Pentagram standards one expects to hear like "Forever My Queen", "20 Buck Spin", "Review Your Choices" and "When The Sceams Come". After seeing Pentagram three prior times in the last year or so, it was awesome to hear more of their repertoire beyond the 'First Daze' material.

It's another unpredictable breath of life for Pentagram, Bobby looks better than ever, married, a "little Bobby" on the way, he even has a paunch- lay off those cheesesteaks dude! No pentagram on the drumkit. The whole time he was beaming at Victor looking like he was ready to blow the dude any second, at a point during the encore "When The Screams Come" Bobby looked all teary, the scene was just plain heavy. If you didn't know the (even recent) uneven history of the band you'd just be seeing a veteran performer doing his thing with might, ultimately it was bad ass.

If Pentagram is coming your way anytime soon, don't hesitate to go. Anyone who's never seen them will be satisfied and anyone who has seen them before will hear a bunch of new songs they didn't play on previous tours. The Raleigh show had some sound problems during the third tune but the crowd was understanding, and the show went great after it was fixed. I think by the time Pentagram gets to MD Deathfest they are gonna sound dynamite...

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Doom Legends Pentagram Sign With Metal Blade Records

Long-running D.C. doom legends PENTAGRAM, with riff-meister Victor Griffin back in the fold, will record their new album, "Last Rites", between November 29 and December 21 for a late March/early April release via Metal Blade Records. The effort will be a double-disc set consisting of the new studio album and a DVD of the band's performance at this year's Maryland Deathfest, which was held on May 28-30, 2010 at Sonar in Baltimore.

Working songtitles set to appear on the CD:

* Walk In The Blue Light

* Horseman

* Virgin Death

* Figure Eight

* Everything's Turning To Night

* Mark My Word

* Sunday's Child

* Old Man

* Thrill Of The Kill

PENTAGRAM's current lineup:

Bobby Liebling - Vocals

Victor Griffin - Guitar

Greg Turley - Bass

Gary Isom (SPIRIT CARAVAN) - Drums

PENTAGRAM: to the enlightened few they are one of the primary architects of heavy metal and obvious progenitors of doom metal, while to others they remain a mystery.

Less mysterious and downright miraculous is how the band (or more specifically the sole remaining original member, iconic vocalist Bobby Liebling) has triumphantly survived countless setbacks to return to the stage, armed with a limited yet astonishingly influential back catalogue.

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Great band, their 70's stuff was the best, if anyone here is a fan they have to check out Bedemon-Child Of Darkness.


Bedemon was a band that Pentagram members Bobby Leibling and Geof O'Keef were in for a brief time with the groups main member Randy Palmer who formed the band. 

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