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  1. Those mentioned States are Trump country, especially Florida,that's why the punishment, then I'm criticized when I use the term Communist bastards, that goes for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schummer, AOC, the whole lot of them Democratic communist pigs.
  2. In what use to be the good old US of A. We are not too far from those countries you mention and losing our freeedoms. You must be talking about sleepy Joe when you say holeheaded braindeads, I get it.
  3. God Bless Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, she stood up for what was right and stuck to her guns.
  4. We need some kind of act to prevent these private companies from making people getting vaccinated or asking them if they've been vaccinated, as long as you wear your mask I see no problem. But these communist bastards in power are for taking you God given rights, so soon enough I feel we'll be screwed, I might even be out of a job. Where's our freedom?
  5. It's not allowing me to post the album's cover art for some reason, anyone know why? Just got it to post, had to save image to my files then copy and paste here, I usually don't have to save the image, I just copy it directly from images on the web and paste them here, but that didn't work this time, I actually had to save the image to my computer files.
  6. Been listening to Iron Maiden's new album Senjutsu for about a week now trying to get into it, it's kind of boring and Bruce sounds tired on it, couple of good songs and I'm hoping it grows on me, but after a weeks listening and I'll be listening to it this week also, let's see.
  7. Gotta love Rudy Sarzo, the man is grateful to the people who like he said gave him his career, God bless you Rudy!
  8. Cheers Plant77, Ronnie as much as I love him I still wouldn't get the vaccine.
  9. Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.
  10. Yeah like any Rock star is going to change my opinion on the vaccine and convince me to get it.
  11. No I meant I have BobDobbs blocked, not you , I’ll only vote if one of Trumps people runs, I believe these communists would go to extremes like they did to foul Trumps election, us true America loving believers know he won the elecetion.
  12. Or perhaps if it wasn’t the Unions, it was a favor in return to the post office for throwing out President Trumps ballots so Biden could win. I’ll never vote again, that election was fixed and a farce.
  13. I don’t plan on leaving America, so no vaccine needed.
  14. No comments, no one hear listened to Iron Maiden's new album?
  15. I bought the digipak standard CD from CD Universe and the limited edition book first press 2 cd from Japan, I've been listening to the double album for a few days now on repeat, it's not growing on me, a couple of songs are okay, but it's kind of boring and too long of songs in between, sometimes I lose my place on the album, everything begins to sound the same and Bruce sounds tired singing, and I love Maiden, have all their albums, I think Book of Souls is a little better then Senjutsu, but the cover art of Senjutsu is better than Book of Souls. But I'll keep listening to it, maybe it will grow on me, they're last best albums for me after the classic 7, are the Blaze albums, those albums are great, Blaze did a great job and brought a new energy to the band, but the fans wouldn't accept him so he got tossed and Bruce came back, some good stuff when he came back like Brave New World and The Final Frontier, and my opinion No Prayer For The Dying and Fear Of The Dark is better than anything past Brave New World. That's just my opinion.
  16. They have a strong Union, that's what got them a pass on mandatory vaccination, I try to use them the least possible for my packages, they've lost a few since this pandemic.that's the excuse they use now when you go down there and complain, and the post master or supervisor berates you, when you question them and tell them, this Covid has been around for awhile now what excuse is that for you to keep losing my packages? He simply walks away with an attitude. So now I just use UPS, FedEx or for foreign packages DHL, they're all better than the Postal service and nicer attitudes too, you pay more but you get the service you pay for. Plus half the fucking mailmen can't speak fucking English, maybe that's why they keep losing the packages, they can't read English, they're probably hiring the border jumpers Biden is suppose to be holding back.
  17. I didn't know you were fully vaccinated, but that's cool it was your choice, no judgement passed onto you from me, to each his own, stay safe my friend.
  18. Plant thank you kind Sir, you're cool, to each his own right?
  19. I've been watching old episodes of Law and Order SVU episodes, those were the best.
  20. Thanks for the read luvlz2, would be cool if Rob sang a couple of Ripper Owens' tunes.
  21. Steve you and John Osbourne are smart guys, call me crazy, but I see the writing on the wall and can read between the lines, that's all I'll say. I'd rather die than take that poison they're injecting people with, that's just my gut feelings and hopefully we won't lose our freedom like so many have in other parts of the world where we can still refuse to take that garbage, like I've said before, they'd have to put a gun to my head and then pull the trigger to try and make me take it.
  22. I remember Kix back when I was in High School, I haven't heard anything about them since I was 16 lol! It's cool they're still trying.
  23. Don't say you haven't been warned Plant, for those who have understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, and his number is six hundred and threescore six, and that no man might buy or sell save he has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Don't follow herd mentality be aware of the signs, it's the end of days, it's as plain as day.
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