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Weird Zep 45rpm singles sleeves


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Hey Hey yourself, buddy!! I'll tell you what you can do with that record...


Zeppelin sometimes got so jaded on tour they played their instruments backwards.


Like wow, man, Zep's gotten younger looking and Percy's re-grown his beard, maaannnn....


Whole Lotta Amor y Ruptura de Communication, mi compadre.

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I have 2 of the 45's released by Atlantic in the US. Immigrant song/ Hey, Hey What Can I Do and

Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop. I've been a bit confused about the singles. The band was about the collective work on albums and didn't want to release pop singles. In reading a couple of books about the band one says they reluctanly conceded to the singles and the other says that Atlantic released them without their concent. Not sure which is correct. I Googled Led Zeppelin 45 singles and was surprised to find a list of about 10 singles released under Atlantic and Swan Song.

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