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    Every 10 years you should get a tetanus shot. Never know when someone steps on a rusty nail.
  2. Seeing three wild Turkeys in my backyard.
  3. Spats - we need a full frontal view of yourself.
  4. Take a couple of Benadryl tabs to relieve the itch.
  5. I'm good at organizing. I will be Robert's professional organizer - can I come with you to help out? We can color code his closet, shoes and drawers. Now that sounds exciting!
  6. I volunteer to take it from his closet and donate that hideous thing to charity.
  7. Went to see Angles and Demons yesterday. The movie was okay but I better start reading the book - totally different as I am told from the movie.
  8. I haven't seen the original version of Scarface (1932), but I really like the re-make which Al Pacino starred in. He's one of my favorite actors. Try Netflix, they may have the original on CD Rom before purchasing the DVD.
  9. I'm voting for the boxers.
  10. State of Play staring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. Great movie that kept you on your toes.
  11. Burritos Please! I can make a mean burrito..
  12. Without Robert and Bonzo, no Led Zeppelin. There is NO ONE who could replace Robert.
  13. Brazilian rum Chachaca is go much better. My favorite rum. Drinking 2 Capirihinas...in 7th Heaven. The memories in Sao Paulo and Rio. Life's good.
  14. You forgot to mention some really good SCOTCH!!! When are time is up, we leave the stage. I would never give up Bittersweet Chocolate - to die for.
  15. Colon cancer - not at all, usually too much beef. Mine is that (1) I have a family history that skipped a generation and (2) estimating that I ate too many of those pre-washed, pre-skinned baby carrots. Come to find out those baby carrots are soaked in chlorine prior to packaging and sending them to the market. Even though I washed them, not sure if the chlorine was actually removed.
  16. You should ask them to draw your blood through your port. How long is your chemo treatment? What drugs are they giving you? I used to bring in my computer to do work during chemo, made the time go by faster.
  17. Did you have a port put in Dzldoc? I did when I had chemotherapy. One hit for blood and medications with flushes in between then at the end of the chem. After my chemo was finished, the physician took my port out. Not sure if they told you that after a while, your veins will collapse. If you are having chemo for 6 months, ask your physician to have a port installed. It's only takes a few minutes for installation and then removal. Take it easy Dzldoc.
  18. Dark shadows reminded me of my childhood, coming home from school, watching the show in the dark basement.
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