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  1. You should google "Sons of Albion", Logan's band.
  2. PennyLane

    Story Time

    ..one of the greatest loves...
  3. For compost, I brought a couple of bags of mushroom compost from Home Depot. Seems to work well with my potted plants. I lined my pots with 2 layers of wet newspaper then layered every 2 inches with peat moss, compost, potting soil until the pot was full to the top.
  4. Spats is not aggressive, he just doesn't know how to take advice from people. There was some very good advice for him. Yes, I do miss the Spat's thread. Maybe someone should start another one just for him.
  5. Here's the latest article from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/americas/06/...azil/index.html Prayers go out to the families who had love ones on this flight.
  6. You should check with your city to find out what the ordinance is for having a garage sales and what you can and cannot do. Just a thought.
  7. It's only a teaser! I see the stock market going down further especially with Bonds.
  8. PennyLane


    Every 10 years you should get a tetanus shot. Never know when someone steps on a rusty nail.
  9. Seeing three wild Turkeys in my backyard.
  10. Spats - we need a full frontal view of yourself.
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