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Jammin' *pics*


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My Husband and his dad are absolutely addicted to Cream and Eric Clapton songs - it NEVER ends with them! Anyway my father in law is an extremely good guitarist and my husband a fine bassist and they live on different sides of the country and STILL when they get together they are TIGHT AS A FISHES ARSE!

SO here they are playing Badge to our little girl - her own Cream tribute band (minus the great Ginger Baker) - they actually sound just like Cream AND they add their own little flair!

(Kenney - my husband loves this one extra because he also loves George Harrison and tells me it was meant to be named Bridge but someone had crap handwriting)



So I noticed others had Jammin' photos and I thought I might start a thread on it! I love a story behind a Jam!

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Pip, That is a great photo, but you left out one crucial detail...Who is the little one? She seems quite relaxed in the bottom photo. Thanks.

Oh, I never knew the Bridge/Badge fact.

that's my Daughter - Charlotte! She sat there for about an hour just watching them... she finds Kenney playing an extremely relaxing time!

Lucy - that is how I would imagine it too... at dusk or something sitting on the ol' stairs having a jam! good things!

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