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Led Into The Fire


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"Controversial" doesn't even begin to describe Diamanda Galás. Reading her biography will probably make you squirm a few times. I don't agree with all her values/statements (sympathy for a serial killer, anyone? :blink: ) but have a huge respect for her because none of this is for the show - she deeply believes in everything she does. Her 2008 album Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! was recorded mostly live and cautiously advertised as "staggering, overwhelming and aurally challenging."

Her ex-boyfriend Jim French is still on my dream list of people to meet. He is a musician and musical instrument maker. On Na Vucca Do Lupu - 1st album recorded by Three Mile Pilot (San Diego) - he is credited for playing kalamus, svegl, lur, kuhorn and saxophone. He makes all those bizarre wind instruments (and supposedly sometimes even for sale) but destroys them unless they're perfect.

I understand that this truly belongs in Other Artists thread. But the subject was brought up here, so please bear with me.

We have If Looks Could Kill on vinyl (Jim French / Diamanda Galás / Henry Kaiser) but I'll be honest it's too avante garde for my untrained ears. JPJ must be infinitely more receptive to such... music. B)

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