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  1. BUMP 40 Years Gone Today. Was hoping for a new picture from this concert to surface, on this 40th anniversary. Was hoping for a new soundboard of this show to surface, on this 40th anniversary. Was hoping for a new audience recording of this show to surface, at least of the first 7 songs that never made it to tape, on this 40th anniversary. And even Jimmy wouldn't talk about it on, On This Day (Okay, I get this one is a stretch ) Sigh...maybe someday we'll get more for this maligned concert (right Nutrocker?)
  2. Steve, What is the story behind Bonzo's Montreux in September 1976? Was Bonzo was there alone, and Jimmy later added his electronic treatments from his home studio for Coda, or was jimmy in Montreux with Bonzo? I wonder what inspired Bonzo to record this? Know all were tax exiles in 1976, think the Bonhams were in the South of France, so wondered why Bonzo made the trip to Switzerland, and the general story of recording this drum solo.
  3. Awesome Sam! Hopefully more pictures of this show will surface. And, keeping my fingers crossed, maybe someone will release Tempe's full concert recording, sometime during this 40th anniversary year of this show!
  4. That the surviving members completely dismiss In Through The Out Door as an album, even as an achievement: no O2 reunion attempts (unforgivable really) minimal live interpretations on solo tours (In The Evening really being the only song from that album to get played after Zep disbanded, primarily by Plant; small exceptions: 30 seconds worth of Carouselambra in the middle of ITE during Plant/Page 1995-6 tour and a one off attempt at Fool In The Rain by Plant and Pearl Jam). Nothing by Jimmy on his tours (Ourider even with Coverdale in Japan) nor Jonesy (thought for sure Jonesy would try Carouselambra during one of his two solo tours). Even Robert, during his Nashville stint with Alison Krauss/Patty Griffin and company, could have tried Hot Dog live. That would have fit the set list during those tours.
  5. Hi Steve, Two questions on the October 1972 Bombay Recording Sessions: 1. Why didn't Robert sing the lyrics on Four Sticks? 2. Did Jimmy and Robert consider recording any other Zep songs for this session besides Friends and Four Sticks? They had by that time, 5 recorded albums (even though Houses was in the can and not released until March '73, they played 5 of those 8 tracks on that album live by the time they got to this recording session). Thinking about 1994's reunion, and songs they played with that Orchestra, other options like Rain Song and Since I've Been Loving You could have been attempted, so very curious if any attempts were considered for other Zep songs at that session. Thanks
  6. Hi Steve, Don't think this one has been addressed before: why was Bonzo the only Zep member not to attend Richard Cole's wedding in September 1978? I think it might possibly be because he got in a car wreck and had broken ribs around that time? Thanks
  7. Either Montreux show from October 1972. Read these were rumored to be professionally recorded. Band was on top of their game that year, and the first show is 7 concert dates (post Japan) into their revamped set list.
  8. Arthur Lee Benefit - June 23, 2006 Found a few pictures!
  9. Everyone makes valid points on this thread for and against 1975, so I'll just add this: a consistent Plantation night after night, right after Sick Again and before OTHAFA (and right after he greets the audience), is that Led Zep will give the aurdience a flavor/texture of 6.5 years as a band as part of the concert experience for that show. Focusing on the US Tour only, my opinion is that Zep doesn't deliver on that. I get it somewhat ties into the longer versions of songs, which is noted in many previous posts, but we consistently get 12 songs before the encores: 4 from PG 4 from HOTH Moby Dick off 2 2 from the 4th album and Dazed from the 1st album Then the encores: consistent encore: Whole Lotta Love partial (2), Crunge sometimes, length varies (HOTH) then into Black Dog (4th) Some lucky towns got either Heartbreaker (2) or CB (1), as a 2nd encore, or both in LA, Seattle. And many times, just the one medley above, which don't get me wrong, is pretty kickass, especially when they expand WLL versus the early tour dates I think the snub on 3 hurts the experience of 6.5 years, a very important transitional album. And this is the problem: 3 is completely ignored, except the few dates where SIBLY is played. A complete experience would be the acoustic set added for Earl's Court, not to mention the electric Tangerine off 3. To me, Earl's Court delivers on that experience. I would say in retrospect, some versions should have been cut down as other's pointed out: Dazed, NQ staying true to 1973, Moby Dick should have been no more than 15 minutes; then you add either a short two song acoustic set like 1971, and maybe an electric version of Tangerine. Last point, I agree that the musical dexterity was incredible this tour: so why not try a couple songs that weren't or rarely played previously, i.e. Jonesy was heavy on keyboards in the 1975 set list, so cut down NQ in length and try a version of Your Time Is Gonna Come? Or keep WTLB as the new adventure past the first 4 shows, including Europe?
  10. What a treat to get the email from Wolfgang's Vault over the weekend that this benefit concert for Arthur Lee is available for download off the Wolfgang site for $5. Such a unique show, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Robert has a guest band playing with him, along with Johnny Echols from Love. A few highlights so far: In The Evening as the opening song. Works so well as an opener, and sounds great. I always thought if Bonham lived, this would have been the opening song of their live set list on the next tour that would have followed the 1980-1981 planned concerts. All the Love songs, a few played in Robert's live set in 1999-2002: Bummer in the Summer, A House Is Not a Motel, 7 and 7 Is and Robert acknowledges for the first time live, the Love song he always wanted to sing since he first heard Love: The Old Man, which is just fantastic! What is And What Should Never Be - unique in that Robert switches the 3rd verse with the 2nd verse: sounds strange but kind of cool A cover that Robert's done many times: a cool version of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth. Dedicated to Zoe Bonham, who was in the audience. Robert told of he and Bonham playing this in Band of Joy. Duet with Mott the Hoople's Ian Hunter on When Will I Be Loved (yes, that Linda Ronstadt song) Elvis cover of Can't Help Falling in Love Robert mentions that he never met this band before they started rehearsing two days before this show. He also says it's the first time he plays live with American musicians, "very liberating" he says A great Ramble On to close the show Still listening to this show, but way worth the $5! I like that it is on the date 29 years later of the famous LA Badgeholders show as well! I wonder if there were any photos taken of this concert? Would love to see any if someone can post.
  11. The beautiful and unique Green Lake Aqua Theater in Seattle, with Three Dog Night, May 11, 1969 (see my avatar).
  12. I love all 3, and was a little sad that there was not at least one alternate version, minimally (of any of the 3), to appear on either Coda companion disc. All the ITTOD tracks had alternate takes that were on the companion disc, so one would figure these 3 would have alternate versions recorded. Would be a good question for Jimmy.
  13. Get the Black Crowes to reunite and tour with them! They were great!!! Was at one of their LA Greek Theater shows in 1999, and it's still ingrained in my mind!
  14. Great topic! Over in Steve A Jones mystery thread in the Main forum, we had brought up what the set list for this concert would look like? If you think about it, their last show was in April 1970 in Phoenix, Arizona. Then their next live date after Iceland was the major, massive Bath gig in England 5 days after Iceland's show. In between, you had the process of creating and mostly recording Zep 3. And the set lists between Phoenix and Bath are obviously different basis Zep 3 material. Be great to know the set list for this Iceland concert, let alone getting an actual recording of the first hour broadcast, if this did happen. Did Zep perform any new Zep 3 material, excluding Since I've Been Loving You, since that was part of the set for all the 1970 shows up until Iceland? Especially curious if Immigrant Song was performed since Plant claimed the lyrics were inspired by the Iceland trip, even though the re-mastered Zep 3 shows the alternate version of Immigrant Song being recorded before the Iceland trip, on May 29, 1970.
  15. I'll go with the one word the band used as it's working title, and same title now on the companion disc - Epic