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  1. Thank you. I'm happy you like it!
  2. Just seeing this now. Thanks, Sue. I'm pleased that you like it.
  3. Late at night I put on my headphones Hearing ominous, grooving deep bass tones They shake and quake and rattle my bones Transporting me to meet, upon the musician's throne It's the one and only, King John Paul Jones!
  4. I was fortunate enough to see JPJ at these two shows during the time frame you're looking for- 1994-11.13 Philadelphia, PA USA University of Pennsylvania - Irvine Auditorium ( with Diamanda Galas) ( I met him briefly outside the venue after the show) 1999-10.17 Philadelphia, PA USA Theater of Living Arts I know the taper of this show. I have a copy of it, and my ticket stub somewhere. I can send you a copy of the Philly TLA show if you'd like.
  5. Thank you. This is good to see. At least the no camera policy would at least explain the absence of photos. I suppose I'm biased as my first ever exposure to live Zep was the 1971 BBC show. I've pictured it in my mind's eye a million times and would love to see just one photo from that gig-not necessarily onstage but perhaps backstage or something after the concert.
  6. I suppose this is a dead topic as there may not have been any photos taken: But is there a single confirmed photo from any of the BBC shows? Not one professional or fan photo has surfaced. I don't quite understand how that's possible-except the rumored, but not confirmed "No Camera" policy at the Beeb. But still...not one single confirmed photo from any of the 69 or 71 shows?
  7. I've been working on this project on and off for the past few years. It somehow lost a lot of photos associated with the locations. Dead links, I suppose. But I'm rebuilding it as time permits- Led Zeppelin Places
  8. Strider.
  9. Hi Frank!

    I hope you are fine and family too. 

    Happy New Year from the sunny Italy!


    1. bcarter690


      Thank you, Orni. That's very kind of you!

      I hope you and your family are having a wonderful new year in sunny Italy!


  10. If I'm not mistaken, Robert adds the lyric "No more firecrackers!" within "What Is and What Should Never Be"
  11. Fair enough. My mistake, actually. Sam pointed out that this footage is available on the newsreel footage ( link that he posted). I didn't recall seeing it there when I had seen it a while ago. And it was notable as its not included on the DVD. Perhaps its wishful thinking on my part, but maybe this short clip of newsreel footage means there's more footage somewhere.