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ANNOUNCING: John Paul Jones (and Sons of Chipotle) to Perform at Big Ears Festival 2024


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John Paul Jones (and Sons of Chipotle) to Perform at Big Ears 2024 




JPJ and Anssi Karttunen are delighted to be bringing Sons Of Chipotle to Big Ears Festival in March 2024 in Knoxville, TN.

Sons of Chipotle cover an uncommonly vast area of the musical map and both John Paul Jones and Anssi Karttunen are thrilled to be making their US debut performance at Big Ears Festival in March 2024.

It is incredibly rare to find two of the finest musicians in the world improvising together, but following 6 sold out concerts in South Korea and Japan, the next stop for Sons of Chipotle is Knoxville, Tennessee. Both musicians are known to be curious minds, always ready to learn and to discover. When they improvise, borders disappear, they are free to migrate beyond prejudices, across continents. In a world full of conflicts and displaced people, Sons of Chipotle want music to be a place of openness.

Sons of Chipotle features John Paul Jones on piano and electronics, with Anssi Karttunen on cello and electronics.

Both John and Anssi will also be performing solo concerts during Big Ears 2024. Big Ears 2024 will offer the rare opportunity to experience John’s fertile, musical imagination as it unfolds. For his solo concert, John will present a set of grand piano, mandolin, bass and electronics, with improvised solo performances and occasional forays into the past.








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3 days left till John Paul Jones plays at Big Ears Festival! Anyone as excited as me? I would guess that DeborahJ would be going but she has not posted here in a while...Anyway excited!


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I'm looking forward to hearing about this! Three John Paul Jones performances in three days is a rarity, as is a performance where it's specifically John Paul Jones and not him performing as part of a group or duo.

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Late at night I put on my headphones

Hearing ominous, grooving deep bass tones
They shake and quake and rattle my bones

Transporting me to meet, upon the musician's throne

It's the one and only, King John Paul Jones!

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Wow, what a cool show he did playing a lot of Led Zeppelin songs as well as doing a song from The Thunderthief. I could only hope that he does a tour of the U.S.

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