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  1. https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?feed=%2F51965%2Fjpj-with-rebeccal-jones-bbc-oct-29-2020%2F
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-JlF_UWCBh5Y6Xz6OEZpeilClQj4E9fp/view?usp=sharing Here you go Steve. I also have the WAV /MP3 files if you need it.
  3. Possibly in existence- OCTOBER 17, 1973 - HEADLEY GRANGE STUDIOS, HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND (WEDNESDAY) Recording Includes: Baby I Don't Care (take 1), Baby I Don't Care (take 2), Jailhouse Rock (take 1), Jailhouse Rock (take 2), One Night, Don't Be Cruel (take 1), Don't Be Cruel (take 2), The Girl Of My Best Friend, Jailhouse Rock (take 3), Jailhouse Rock (take 4), Jailhouse Rock (take 5), Money Honey (take 1), Money Honey (take 2), Summertime Blues. Source: Incomplete superb soundboard recording. Details: The recording is professionally balanced studio board tape.
  4. Steve- I've just did a sample listen to Immigrant Song. The sound quality is fantastic! Thank you for doing this. And of all the versions of this concert I have ( It must be 7 or 8 by now,) I've never heard that bit of JP noodling with the guitar before Bonham is shouting "Louder"...at least not in this quality.
  5. While watching a 'making of' for 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' two posters from the Fillmore West 69 shows can be seen in the background on a storefront.
  6. Whoa! Incredible. Thanks, Steve. Sent a PM
  7. That's amazing, Mr. Smith. I just purchased your book via Amazon yesterday. I'm looking forward to reading it.
  8. Mr. Smith I'll be purchasing your book on Friday. Thank you.
  9. Hopefully a revisiting of the 'Fire/Say You're Gonna Leave Me' groove
  10. I've wondered the same thing since seeing the TRB video; Was the full video intended to be included in TSRTS? And is there any indication it could be included in a future release?
  11. I know this massage parlor in Washington, D.C....;-)
  12. I've been to the site of the Hindenburg crash. In 1996, my friend Tom, my dog Duke, and I wanted to set to see if we could go on an adventure and stand on the actual site. After about an hour's drive, we arrived at a Naval Ar Station. We walked up to the building and asked the man at the desk if we could walk out to the site. He said "Sure" as it happened to be the day ( Wednesday) when the public is allowed to visit. In hindsight, it was very cool of the guy to be so casual about it, but I suppose two young men and their dog looked harmless enough. This was pre-9/11, of course, so things were much more relaxed then. There's a giant chain in the ground in the shape of an airship where the Hindenburg came to rest. There's also a banner in the shape of an airship denoting the location. We spent about half an hour there and left. It's quite chilling to stand where you've seen the events of that day taking place. There's a cool museum there for the public to visit. I wasn't aware of a museum being there at the time. I don't know if we missed it or it was put there after our Visiting the site now requires calling ahead to put your name on a list.
  13. Hey, oh, though the winds of change may blow around you But that will always be so
  14. Back on February 21st, 2007, Ahmed Raza, a member of 'For Badgeholders Only' posted the following:'According to the Sunday Telegraph, last weekend's issue, Peter Whitehead (renowned UK film producer/falconer/author) got Zeppelin down on film at The Roundhouse, London'James Liam Cook from The Telegraph did some research and found a mention of the event here:"Soon he was shooting the Stones in Dublin, Allen Ginsberg at the Royal Albert Hall and Led Zeppelin at the Roundhouse. In 1967, he shot Benefit of the Doubt, about the Vietnam War. Given Whitehead's approach - and the spirit of the times - one might assume that his films would be unwieldy monuments to self-indulgence. In fact, they're very sharply observed, often extremely funny and surprisingly cohesive. After making a documentary about Swinging London, called Tonite Let's All Make Love in London -typically, Whitehead claims to have been bored to tears by Swinging London - in 1968 he went off to New York intending to make a similar film there.
  15. Thank you. I will add this film to my 'Movies to See' list. I will also check out the others, especially 'Point Blank', which I've heard good things about numerous times. It's interesting that you mention the art deco Atlantic Richfield building as I'm also a big fan of the art deco style of design. That alone would be reason enough to watch this film. A film I recently discovered and really enjoyed was 'The Day of the Jackal". They just don't make films like that anymore.
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