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  1. Are there any visuals of any version of Deux Machina out there?
  2. I'm not buying Winston Remasters. Of course they are all available online, I just want to know if there a complete list out there that is more complete that the one i posted.
  3. Hi, is there a more complete list of all Winston Remasters titles available out there? This is the only one i could find :
  4. well, how much was Deep Throat when it came out? This is also seems to be an upgraded version of The Complete Earl's Court Arena Tapes (22 cds) - how much was that one sold for when it came out.. ?
  5. Does anyone know about this??
  6. scratch that - found it.
  7. any artwork for these releases out yet?
  8. Too bad the SBD copy has such a shitty cover... anyway..
  9. Christmas comes early! Or perhaps they have more in store for us... Also trying to locate artwork. 3CD edition ordered. CA--NNOT WAIT...
  10. Just received the box - Did not expect such a huge box! Can't wait to listen and compare to my EVSD...
  11. is it up anywhere already?
  12. can anyone at all speak about the sound quality or how these shows are?
  13. ok so it looks great, but what about the sound quality and the quality of the shows themselves? Is this set worth it?
  14. I'd rather give my money to Godfather since they seem to care more about our ears and wallets than EVSD does...
  15. Now how could they possibly release a cleaned up version? Did they get a hold of the original material used by EVSD? Or are they using the EVSD disks to reissue the material?