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  1. You can read a detailed review of the 3CD version over at Collectors Music Reviews. Worth a look!
  2. I have also been pondering over the previously escaped snippet of the 928 soundboard, Black Dog, which is in stereo. Why would the soundboard for 928 be in stereo and the soundboard for 929 be in mono given that they are consecutive nights using the same gear? What comes next is some amateur kite-flying so feel free to bring it crashing to earth. 😀 I *think* it was the Black Beauty BBS (in japanese translated into 'orrible english) where I read some time ago that back in the day the japanese record company had the idea of releasing a single (or singles) from the recorded Zeppelin concerts. Four songs were envisaged as possibilities, one being Black Dog. Could it be that the already out Black Dog is actually a mix from the multitrack recording and not from the soundboard? I am really sorry I cannot give a reference to the actual post I read but it would have been over a year ago, probably when all the talk was about the 929 soundboard. I thought it might be worth mentioning in this case because it might jog some memories somewhere.
  3. "special bonus disc featuring various rare live performances of Beatles songs from few different locations" Thinks... if that includes "Twist & Shout" from 929 and is from the unreleased soundboard portion (if it exists) then at least we know there is more to come. If not we continue to know what we don't know, or not know what we would like to!! It's late. Nurse, the screens...
  4. I saw a news item posted elsewhere which said cd1 runs 52 minutes. If true, this presumably means Dazed & Confused is not complete. I just checked the track lengths on "Arigatou Osaka" and got Immigrant Song (4:43), Heartbreaker (9:21), SIBLY (8:42), and D&C (32:10 for the complete track and a little of the subsequent chat) which comes to 54 mins 56 secs or thereabouts. This does not include any time for the introduction track preceding Immigrant Song which is included in EVSD's 52 minutes. Methinks those Pennies From Heaven will be staying up there a while longer.
  5. Just some idle speculation! ☺️ I want to know why no "Stairway..." on the 2 cds. There is plenty of room for it timewise. It cannot be because it has already been put out. If that was the case, "Immigrant Song" would be missing too. Perhaps EVSD haven't managed to shift their stock of "Stairway..." and so will not include it on a multi-cd production until they have all gone. Is it just down to greed/ £££s on EVSD's part? Could it be that Page is going to authorise something (official HTEWW) at some point which includes the missing tracks so EVSD have been told to leave them off? Whatever, I do hope the full recording materialises before I start my next life. For the time being there is always Winston's excellent "Arigatou Osaka" and Wendy's last 6CD release (although they didn't exactly try to iron out the pitch changes between sources did they?). Is there such a thing as a revamped Wendy with Winston patches?
  6. Copyright in the sound recording of the performance might expire after 50 years, but what about publishing royalties? If someone banged out a tape as soon as the sound recording copyright expired, wouldn't they still be liable for publishing royalties?
  7. Anyone intending to pay a visit will need to take quite a few pocketfuls of gold. Take a look from 15:30 where he flips through some records already in the racks. I still don't know how to embed YouTube videos...
  8. Oh my goodness! Recent post too. Some place in Arizona is selling off a huge Zeppelin bootleg collection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSfx5kzbGxk Apologies for not knowing how to embed YouTube videos. It's late, I'm tired, and I cannot find a forum help button!
  9. Many thanks sir! I have been hoping this would turn up.
  10. The banding is known as "microphony". To quote from Wikipedia - "The term may also be used to describe a video artifact common in older video cameras. Before the introduction of solid-state CCD sensors to produce the image, vacuum tubes performed this task. Loud noises in the studio, such as rock bands or gunshot effects would cause the tubes to vibrate, producing a characteristic undesirable horizontal banding in the image." I remember reading an article about the official Live Aid DVD compilation which mentioned how microphony caused the same kind of horizontal banding from time to time.
  11. Back in 2012 I started a thread about the morality of downloading bootlegs - Got some interesting responses at the time. I have a problem with people profiteering from the tapes stolen from Page's house because they were his personal property. In a way, downloading any bootleg is "immoral" because the royalties ain't getting paid, however JP gave an implied ok to fans trading recordings in his quote related to a court case some years ago. Runs for cover...
  12. Just came across the Empress Valley Supreme Disk dual layer DVD image for "Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music" (around 7.6Gb). According to argentiumastrum, "Unlike Toasted Condor's "Heavy Metal Machine", this new effort from EV uses superb sounding stereo soundboard soundtrack to provide the most professional status." I still have two ears despite advancing age, but the sound on the DVD image sounds suspiciously like mono, albeit very high quality mono, to me. I would be very grateful if anyone with an original copy could let me know if the sound is "proper" stereo. Given the size of the DVD image I would have thought it is a straight copy. I am of course assuming that the original was on one dual layer disk. It is definitely the EVSD version because their watermark briefly appears bottom right from time to time,usually when a song starts. And so to bed...
  13. How do the three soundboard cds of this 6CD set compare to the Winston Remasters "Arigatou Osaka" version? Haven't spotted the 6CD version on-line yet, but good things come to those who wait (allegedly) ...
  14. Isn't it the case that for any material to be released under the Zeppelin name JP has to get agreement from RP and JPJ, and maybe others?
  15. I have always taken "sloppy" to be live performances where, when taking solos, he often seems to have an almost total disregard for the rhythm being laid down by Jones and Bonham. I have heard and seen (Earls Court for example) several versions of Sick Again and, more often than not in the coda solo at the end, he loses the plot completely as regards staying in time with the others. It's almost as if he's not listening to them and just doing his own out-of-time thing. This happens again and again, pretty much anywhere where there is an extended solo to be had. I do think it is the band's live "achilles heel". I cannot understand how such a brilliant talented musician can lose the plot timewise so often when soloing. Just to be absolutely clear, I'm not thinking of playing ahead of or behind the beat, but rather losing all connection with the beat. But I ramble on...
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