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  1. Seattle 1975 -The Hammer Of The Gods. Eat A Peach Label Striders right on here.A very nice and affordable set by the Eat A Peach label.
  2. Moonchild which uses Winston Remaster Im assuming maybe a bit louder than A Very Nice Night by EAP.They're both very close in sound.A show this hot is worth having a few different titles of. Matter of taste as well.
  3. Seeing these pictures made my day. A big thank you for posting all of these. Interestingly incredible!

    Location could be Ipswich ´71.
  5. A Very Nice Night ~ Since Ive Been Loving You Vienna Austria 3/16/73 Eat A Peach Label
  6. The Graf Zeppelin Label seems to have the edge lately on sound and packaging. Burn Like A Candle 1st Edition is simply great!
  7. Burn Like A Candle ~ Since Ive Been Loving You Graf Label
  8. Live On Blueberry Hill ~ Thank You Sanctuary Label
  9. Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    Vienna Offenburg and Mobile 73.
  10. Next Soundboard Release

    The discogs link is of course for reference use only so credit to them.
  11. Next Soundboard Release

    https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Un-Booted/release/7643618 That June 11 SB partial was released way before 2000.This release may have not even been the first either.I think theres releases on old labels such as the Pot label that had June 11 along with Tampa 77 excerpt as well.The Celebration Label was not around back then.
  12. Merit Adventures catalog

    I have just about all of them as well. Im glad I hung onto them.Steve let me know if you and your friend are missing any if this little project ever comes into fruitation.
  13. Happy Birthday Jimmy Page

    Happy Birthday Mr.Jimmy Page! Royal Albert Hall will be spinning here tonight! Thank you so much for the music!
  14. The contents the same I believe.The copy with the big Z came without the slipcase and possibly without the extra thin booklet.Both copies retailed around 75.00 US originally.Steve made a good point with the photo presentation in this book.
  15. I wanna say I picked up mine from QVC on tv back in the day.Also offered were some pretty cool Zep tie dyed shirts and a hockey jersey.As far as Live Dreams goes you just dont see books of the like made very often in todays market.Theres some cons with it but still a must have in my opinion.
  16. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Bonzos on back up I know.
  17. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Plants voice in this concert really is in fine form.Listening to this new title put a smile on my face as it had been a long time since I gave this show a spin.
  18. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Let Me Get Back To 1972 by the H Bomb label was what I previously had before this release.Not sure if theyre from the same tape or not but this ones much brighter and clearer.
  19. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    As usual.Wheres the rest in this quality of sound?
  20. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    As ZepHead stated this is a very nice clean version from part of this show.Well worth seeking out.
  21. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    If memory serves me right I wanna say in a Proximity fanzine from way back when there was a write up for the 3/21/75 Seattle gig.There was a supposed post gig at a small bar/club that same night.I could be wrong but these small after gig jams possibly with other musicians may happened more then we think.Fairport Convention comes to mind from the early 70s.Maybe someone can chime in on these after gigs and side jams as my memories a bit foggy.
  22. New Mystery Soundboard?

    We already have it in a really nice sounding audience recording.Hopefully this new SB does not takeaway anything from this show.
  23. YOUR favorite of N.A. 1977

    Trampled Underfoot from one of the Knebworths is being played in excellent quality soundwise on the radio as well lately.