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  1. Ocean73

    Best OTHAFA from the 1973 North American tour?

    Offenburg 73' is my go to version far ahead of the American tour.
  2. From Boleskine To The Alamo (Flying Disc) silver.Whole Lotta Love onwards! Dundee Scotland 73'
  3. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    Received the Friends silver from Empress Valley yesterday.The sound on this is just great and to hear this song played to begin with puts a smile on my face.
  4. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    Thank you!Seattle 75 SB recently is a perfect example.We wouldnt have ever seen that or any of the EV Soundboard Series actually.Ya think waiting works in the bootleg scene?Things have changed but take away Empress Valley releases alone and they re not all rehashes we would be missing a shit load of shows that most likely would have never been fan recorded/torrented/released.Zeppelin we re an underground group in the beginning.The WWW has it down to one track release at a time.Sure we ll share. Wait.
  5. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    Maybe try once a year at least to pitch in and purchase a show from one of the main labels in Japan and perhaps whats left from the collective side especially from a live standpoint may stay alive.Torrents/gimmie/ the band owes us or packed up right crap is obviously wearing thin lately.
  6. Ocean73

    Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    Received today.Six picture cds in a fatboy jewel case.A definite upgrade for this great show here.The Graf Zeppelin label keeps up their rep with another great release.
  7. U S Tour Compilation 1973 Soundboard silvers. Special thanks to Winston
  8. Ocean73

    New book on Earls Court concerts 'Five Glorious Nights'

    Awesome book indeed!
  9. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    Video killed the radio? Download killed the bootleg? Whatever the case maybe Im not a downloader and prefer silvers since 89'.I picked up Immigrant Song from EV because its considered by me the best version Page ever played and knowing the whole show is up in the air as far as being a complete release I had no problem deciding on it.Of course I do not agree with EVs recent plan of single releases but If and when they release 9/29 complete I will not be miffed in anyway even after picking up a few of them.Silver addict "present".^
  10. Dazed And Confused Jan. 26 69' "Killing Floor" Cobra Label
  11. Ocean73

    No Quarter 1975-05-18 // Empress vs Tarantura

    The EV vs. the original Immigrant label release anyone?I believe this was the first appearance of this full audience tape.Ive always loved how this show sounded.Great vibes indeed!
  12. Ocean73

    9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Recieved my EV silver today of 9 29 71 Immigrant Song.Original opinion still stands with this night and Hampton 71 being the best/heaviest Immigrant Song out there.Still not convinced 9 28 nor 9 29 will be released by EV or Page just yet.Heres to hoping!
  13. Page/Plant LakeShore Arena New Orleans Oct.1st 1998. "Celebration" Lost Horizons Ordered upon our flight back from the show.
  14. Seattle 1975 -The Hammer Of The Gods. Eat A Peach Label Striders right on here.A very nice and affordable set by the Eat A Peach label.
  15. Moonchild which uses Winston Remaster Im assuming maybe a bit louder than A Very Nice Night by EAP.They're both very close in sound.A show this hot is worth having a few different titles of. Matter of taste as well.
  16. Seeing these pictures made my day. A big thank you for posting all of these. Interestingly incredible!
  17. Ocean73


    Location could be Ipswich ´71.
  18. A Very Nice Night ~ Since Ive Been Loving You Vienna Austria 3/16/73 Eat A Peach Label
  19. The Graf Zeppelin Label seems to have the edge lately on sound and packaging. Burn Like A Candle 1st Edition is simply great!
  20. Burn Like A Candle ~ Since Ive Been Loving You Graf Label
  21. Live On Blueberry Hill ~ Thank You Sanctuary Label
  22. Ocean73

    Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    Vienna Offenburg and Mobile 73.
  23. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    The discogs link is of course for reference use only so credit to them.
  24. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Un-Booted/release/7643618 That June 11 SB partial was released way before 2000.This release may have not even been the first either.I think theres releases on old labels such as the Pot label that had June 11 along with Tampa 77 excerpt as well.The Celebration Label was not around back then.