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  1. Robert’s harmonica

    Always been curious as to how many LZ gigs didn’t involve Robert playing the harmonica at least once? i assume it happened at most - if not all - gigs from ‘68 to ‘72 when they usually played at least one of Train Kept A Rollin’, You Shook Me and/or Bring It On Home. Then it was completely absent for ‘73? Early ‘75 may have seen it appear a couple of times for the elusive performances of When The Levee Breaks, before disappearing again. Then I think harmonica was played during Nobody’s Fault But Mine at every gig from ‘77 onwards? So in summary there was harmonica played at every gig apart from ‘73 and most of ‘75?
  2. Multitracks on DVD

    You can take things to extremes by also extracting the audio from the DVD menu items for 'bonus tracks', plus the 2003 DVD has the full-length version of BD to add as a bonus track for TSRTS
  3. Multitracks on DVD

    To me the fun part is extracting and editing (i.e. adding fades etc) the audio myself, but maybe I'm not normal
  4. The Best of the Rest

    The booklet notes for Box Set 2 describe the collection as "not simply the 'best of the rest', but rather the 'rest of the best'." I think that is where the terminology comes from.
  5. Just thought it worth flagging up in the Main Forum that Eddie Edwards has updated his excellent The Garden Tapes website to include a dissection of the recent Complete BBC Sessions release: http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/bbc.html Although it reflects most of what was already being discussed with regards to the various edits on CBBCS, it's nice to see it get the 'official' Eddie Edwards review in his own inimitable style. Enjoy!
  6. Plant and Son Logan in The Sunday Times

    Logan says he eventually got to see Led Zeppelin play live "at the 2012 reunion". Did he get confused and simply watch the DVD, not realising that the gig took place five years earlier?
  7. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    The Wikipedia entry for BBC Sessions is now displaying the alleged track times for the third disc, and it has White Summer at 8:22 rather than the previous official version which was 8:01. The Garden Tapes site says there was previously a 15 second cut at 5:06, so it looks like this track may now be about to appear in unedited form.
  8. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    I am struggling to hear any audible glitch at 0:55 on the official version of Sunshine Woman uploaded to Spotify, although it does have the early fade.
  9. The longer version is included as an extra on the 2007 DVD bonus disc, no?
  10. Coda Query

    I forgot to mention that the 1990 box also sliced at least 20s from You're Time Is Gonna Come, for reasons unknown (another 20s could have been left in without reaching the fade into Black Mountain Side used on LZ1). But we digress...
  11. Coda Query

    How interesting... It had hitherto escaped my attention but you are quite correct that it appears that approximately 3s worth of HHWCID has disappeared between 1990 and 2015. The original length of 3:55 has become a mere 3:52. I wonder why?
  12. Coda Query

    The extra bars in the intro to NFBM were included on the 1990 box set. However this set also introduced some fresh unwelcome edits such as the studio background chatter and guitar tuning being deleted from the beginning of Tangerine, as well as the tape noise at the start of Immigrant Song being cut.
  13. Coda Query

    Completists still have to buy the 1990 box set to get everything, as this is also the only way to get the Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux mash-up. Also missing from the latest reissues is a remastered version of the shorter WLL (Edit) released as a single in 1997, if we're being pedantic.
  14. BBC to broadcast 1969 concert

    The broadcast has taken place - it's the full unedited version of the show detailed above (ie without the cuts and omissions introduced on the official BBC sessions release).
  15. BBC to broadcast 1969 concert

    I wonder whether we'll get an unedited version of the following (info sourced from http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk )? 27th June 1969 Live performance at the Playhouse Theatre, London Just four tracks from the six played at this first live BBC gig have been included on "BBC Sessions". "Communication Breakdown" is cut by 10 seconds at 2:33 where Robert sang some lines from the Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing". It's a great shame that this had to be taken out but apparently agreement could not be reached on copyright and royalties."I Can't Quit You Baby" is included in full.Next to be played were "Dazed and Confused" and "White Summer" but neither of these tracks were chosen for "BBC Sessions". This version of "White Summer" was, however, released on the 1990 "Led Zeppelin" box set and on the extended edition of "Coda" included within the 1993 "Complete Studio Recordings" box set, but with a 15 second cut at 5:06 in both cases!"You Shook Me" is included in full.The first few runs through the bass riff of "How Many More Times", over which presenter Alan Black was speaking, have been omitted, then at 0:24 a further 53 seconds consisting of the band member introductions have been cut. The remainder of the track is uncut.The most complete bootlegs of this concert also include Black's interviews with Jimmy and Robert and a comedy interlude from members of the Liverpool Scene.