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  1. Oh...my confusion.....thanks for pointing that out. I was having a dyslexic moment.
  2. I'm not exactly sure if it was the 'Bump' band...but I saw Ian play at Waterloo Records in Austin and he had Mark Andes on Bass....He was the bassist for Spirit, back in the day. Looked about 30 ! Must've been the good acid ! Hotplant had posted she was a friend of his I believe.....
  3. Seeing my friend at the hospital with all his tubes taken off of him !! I've been going daily. All he has now is a feeding tube in his nose. I've known my pal for 33 years...and he just recently had a brain aneurysm. The doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt University have been most professional and incredibly nice... So yeah...that made me happy.
  4. Gawd ! I hate your guts !!! No DJ slot for you at my party !!! Hmmmm....'hippie, dippie'.....are you George Carlin, shit stirrer esq. ?
  5. I don't have a DVD reader on my desktop where I normally do screencaps....and it's XP..so it's easy to screensave....alt/prntscreen paste to paing cntrl/v but I dont know how to do it with Vista...which is on my lappy with the DVD reader...hmmmm... I need to find out why the same prompt doesn't work with vista OS....
  6. I'm going to try to capture some of her on my 'Music Scene' DVD from '69....It's VERY Rare footage....so....wish me luck !
  7. Just about ANYTHING can be looked up on the internet...so why even have discussions or ask ANY question ? Let's just all shut our traps....and not be inconvienced by these inquiries ! Open a new window/tab !!! Please, I don't like multitasking !
  8. ^ All you have to do is save the pic to your harddrive and upload to tinypic !
  9. Yeah...they did call themselves The Other Ones for awhile...then changed it to just The Dead.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dead_%28band%29
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