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  1. You have to be joking. I haven't ever been raped, but I know a girl who has and she is so scarred from it. I can't believe someone would be so insensitive. As for everything else I can't figure out how someone could be so ignorant. You have insulted a lot of people who are perfectly nice for no good reason.
  2. Steve, you didn't get an apology because you did in fact say I was too young to be a real fan. You don't have to admit to it, that's fine with me. You won't be getting a pm or public apology because I have nothing to be sorry for. I wasn't the one who says people of certain ages can't be real fans, nor do I walk over people like you do.
  3. I just went through this thread and I'm going to give my idea on this matter. I don't come around here any more for a reason, and it's this crap that goes on. SteveAJones, you may have all the answers to life but you don't need to treat people like they aren't as good as you. You aren't any better than anyone else on this board. You should give a little respect to people and maybe you'd get some. When you joined you hated how some people used the term "newbie" how is that any better than your comment about the kiddie table. You may judge people on the caliber of their posts, but I form my opinions on people on how they treat others. Quite frankly, I don't think very highly of you because you don't treat others well. You can try to use your large words and excessivly proper grammar to increase your "caliber" but I'd rather talk to someone who hardly knows anything about Zep and is friendly than someone who thinks they know everything there is to know about Zep and is arrogant. It's not about who knows what around here, it's about good times and friends. You aren't helping with either.
  4. One of my favourite residents at the home was admitted to the hospital today. I hope she's okay.
  5. My Nana just found out about this and she is so upset. She's from Philly and has been a huge fan of the Eagles for her entire life. She is heartbroken about it.
  6. Right now nothing but nature and it's such a sweet sound.
  7. My other good news is that I don't have to quit my job. I thought I was going to have to but I don't. I work as an activities assitant in a nursing home, but due to the hours I thought I was going to have to quit. They didn't work with school. One of the residents that I'm close with went to my boss when she found out I was going to quit. She talked my boss into changing the job hours so I could keep the job. I'm so glad she did because I love my job. It's so rewarding to go to work and know that I brightened someone's day by visiting them because they can't get out of bed.
  8. It's neon orange satin. It has beading on it with a mostly open back. I's not a halter, just strappy. There's a slit on the right side to about halfway up the thigh.
  9. I found the perfect prom dress today. Even though prom is in May I've already found the dress.
  10. Cocoa butter is supposed to help with scars too.
  11. lzfan715

    Pet Peeves

    Dear God.I wish he would go away and NEVER come back here. I wish.
  12. lzfan715

    Pet Peeves

    Is the person who is returning a major problem to say underage girls? My pet peeve is slow drivers. I hate when they go like 20 mph when the speed limit is 35 mph. It drives me nuts
  13. rabia, they will fade with time. They don't always go all the way away and I know that isn't what you want to hear. It's like stretch marks, they fade but they will never completely disappear.
  14. I've heard it can be, but from personal experience no.
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