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  1. Just keep on digging...........

  2. Sorry Joel, but you really blew it this time.

    I don't condone what you did on the board the other night. So, despite that previous comment,

    You really blew it.

  3. Yeah, yeah! What hotplant said ! It's sooooo unfortunate that you were banned!Why were you banned?! It's not like you ever did anything wrong...

  4. Joel,

    You did nothing on this board to be banned. Others have been allowed to stay even with their crapstirin.'

    Don't get mad, get even.

    and get back!

    You are one of the very FEW who have such an immense knowledge of music. I have always enjoyed that!

    Soon, everyone will be banned. LOL.

    Get Back!


  5. Hi Joelmon, it's me again, I tried to reply to your message, but it said you have messages 'disabled', so I could not reply.

  6. Led Zeppelin...Sept. 17 ,1971 Pat Metheny....March 14, 2005 Frank Zappa....March 5, 1974 Rolling Stones..January 21, 1973 King Crimson...May 21, 2000 Sonic Youth......July 28, 2007 Lollapalooza.....Aug 7-8 ?, 1992 Yes..................Dec. 4, 1974 Gentle Giant.....March 19, 1977 Miles Davis.......Aug 14 ?, 1990
  7. Oh...my confusion.....thanks for pointing that out. I was having a dyslexic moment.
  8. The children in the US still play Cowboys and Indians.... ..but the dynamics have changed a bit !
  9. Dayum !!! Wish I was there !! Cool to see such veterans as Willie Weeks and Chris Stainton playing with these guys. And to play 'Sleeping in the Ground'....nice Blind Faith 'rareity'...... I loved Stevie's last 'About Time' cd....best I've heard from him since his 70s Traffic days. Will certainly check out his new one...I hope it's not a let down as GTLO hears....
  10. I'm not exactly sure if it was the 'Bump' band...but I saw Ian play at Waterloo Records in Austin and he had Mark Andes on Bass....He was the bassist for Spirit, back in the day. Looked about 30 ! Must've been the good acid ! Hotplant had posted she was a friend of his I believe.....
  11. Ya know what's funny ? I lived in Hawaii during the early 70s...and the pot growing on Maui was just starting to take hold. We called it Mowie Zowie....not Mowie Wowie like the mainlanders called it. And the term, KIND BUD...was KINE BUD in Hawaii...from the phrase, Da Kine, which meant The Best, among other meanings.... So terms became common place over mispronunciations. Shaka brah !
  12. What do they say about ... One hand in the bush is better than two on the knob..... Oh nevermind, I forget ...
  13. That just scared the beJesus outta me !! I'm too haunted to sleep now....:'(
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