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  1. uhm... to all those who think Jimmy is not into this stuff anymore... Have you ever wondered why are 418 numbered copies and 93 signed copies of "Lucifer Rising..." going to be released? Gotta love that man
  2. Stairway but Going to California would have been a valid option too
  3. that's exactly my same thought 7 hours of sleep lost for nothing :'(
  4. same time here, ZepRex I've never had so many cups of coffee in all my life XD
  5. did he fall asleep on his keyboard?
  6. "The sick note" by the Dubliners is dead funny to me
  7. Since when it's forbidden to comment on someone's statement?
  8. ...and with killing animals for fun! If I were Jimmy, I would be proud to be hated by such an inconsistent idiot.
  9. I LOVED this article so much!! Thanks a lot for posting. It made my day :D
  10. LedBee

    New photos.

    I hope you and Glicine are right about that
  11. LedBee

    New photos.

    I agree with you, of course... It must be horrible to be stalked that way. But what about Ross being a good friend? I don't want to give opinion on something so private, but if I were Jimmy I wouldn't be too happy about what Ross wrote on his last May post, or better to say "in what manner he wrote it" (noone is bound to be a LZ fan, not even him... but anyway...) "So go and throw your Led Zeppelin dvds in the bin"? Very nice indeed.
  12. LedBee

    New photos.

    agree. "Sad" is the the right word. Besides, he apparently doesn't even know the difference between "stealing" and "sharing a picture among fans". I wonder what kind of damage (economic? public image?) could a fan do to him by acting this way. I wish he could be clearer, but he won't.
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